What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

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Many paranormal researchers and investigators have been in the field for many years, and ten times that many are novices. Beware of who you connect with as a client, or when joining a team, and you won’t get hurt. But that’s a lot easier said than done.

First of all we must understand the ‘human condition,’ both of the living and the dead. Seasoned investigators have learned and fully understand that ‘our basic human emotions’ are what makes us all unique individuals. From a very early age we begin to define values and belief systems. We all go through life with a strong desire to succeed, with family, and develop a sense ‘of belonging.’ We all come from diverse backgrounds and we all value life differently, we all deal with race and prejudice, we’re all classified by color or ethnicity, we all live in social structures established by government intervention, and a few of us will attain great wealth and status in life, but many more of us live life in simple lives or in utter poverty. Many people are cultured, most aren’t, some are intelligent and let’s face it, some people are idiots, no matter how much eduction they have. However the one common factor we all posses in life is that we were all born of a woman; with flesh, bones, and a soul. And we will all possess a single common experience that we cannot deny: we will die.

During our lifetime, our developing body, soul, and mind creates a unique personality that makes us all that we are as individuals. When our physical body dies, our mind – or soul if you will – does not die with it. We keep everything that makes us who we are; everything we learned and everything we experienced, we will take with us to the other side. Our love, our fears, our hopes, and our dreams; and many will also take with them, their hate, their anger, their anguish, and their vile. Right now you are a living physical body with a mind and a soul; ghost or spirits are simply people whose bodies may have died, but the very essence of who they were–their mind and soul–will continue to exist.

The human body is an amazing machine, we all have the same internal organs that sustain our physical existence. Our organs however, will wear out at some point in our life and eventually fail. Our heart, for example, during the course of a year, will beat anywhere between 31,536,000 and 42,048,000 times; figuring that the average heart rate is between 50-80 beats per minute. Have you ever considered how much energy it would take to power the human body if it ran on batteries? Than add to that our brain, lungs, kidneys, or digestive system. just like an automobile, that burns fuel to create the energy needed, the human body also requires a source of electrical energy to power every muscle in your body, and that energy can quickly be exhausted, just as any car would depending on how fast one drives, or one exercises. But where exactly does that power source come from?

The “Other Side” of Human Emotion

Investigators and researchers of the paranormal, realize that our first priority in the field is to assist clients who may be experiencing severe, disturbing, or frightening activity in their lives in an unbiased, logical, scientific, and professional manner, while maintaining objectivity at all times. Our second priority is to try to identify and assist the spirits in resolving the reason they have opted not to move on; so they may do so, but only if they wish to. The third and final objective, is to promote paranormal phenomenon research as a viable science by maintaining a proper professional decorum procedure before, during and after any investigation. Yet, at the same time to keep in mind that more often than not, we will be dealing with a human soul.

When we die, we take the very essence of who we are with us to the “other side.” The very same emotions we’ve nurtured our whole life–because after all, we are all human. Only now the deceased person’s persona now exists without the limitations of a physical body. Experienced paranormal investigators have also learned to understand that it’s those ‘human’ emotions that make us want to stay here after we die. But why?

There are many reasons why a human spirit may refuse to move on, and why they may make themselves known to the living. It’s only through an effective communication with these spirits that we may be able to  unlock the mystery behind the haunt. Because then, and only then, we can assist them to resolve the issues that keep them bound to our earthly dimension.

There are many reasons why a human spirits may choose not to move on, as theories abound. Many believe it is a ‘Light’ they must travel toward, which is heavily debated in many circles, but we really won’t know until it’s our soul’s turn to move on. We have however learned of several obvious reasons that may keep a human spirit around:

  1. The human spirit does not know that they have died; or they just choose to remain here for a period of time known only to them and for whatever reason.
  2. They are afraid to move on, possibly fearing “the Light,” everyone talks about, or they fear the religious retribution (judgement) they may be facing (based on their beliefs) of what may be on the other side of that Light.
  3. They may have unfinished business they feel they need to settle and somehow resolve before they move on.
  4. They may have family they wish to watch over until they can pass on, or that they may wish to wait for them so they may pass through together.
  5. It may be to protect friends, family or possessions.
  6. Or perhaps they want to wait until their grieving  family has accepted their death and be with them through the grieving process.
  7. Often spirits remain because someone who continues to mourn their passing won’t let move go, or the spirit will not move on until they are given what they feel is permission to do so from the loved ones they left behind.
  8. Then there are those that want revenge, or wish to wreak havoc on someone they feel they need to get even with. Possibly the person who caused their death, or mistreated them while they were living.
  9. Etc., etc. etc. … The reasons are countless.

Everything on this list has a singular commonality: human emotion. We do take our feelings with us, and hopefully through effective research we may be able to better understand the human condition and how it pertains to ‘life after death’, and those human souls to properly resolve the issues that hold them here to finally cross over to wherever we all may one day go.