UFO Sighting – 12.24.2013

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Sky AnomalyExactly one week after my last sighting I was fortunate enough to witness another one in the New Mexico sky. This time I had a witness as Jari was also present.

Just prior to this sighting, there were numerous unexplained events that took place inside the house. As we stepped outside to discuss what had just taken place, we looked up at the sky and saw what we assumed were the only two visible stars in the sky at the time.

Venus was also still visible on the horizon to the west as we faced south. As we stared at these two stars, the one on the top suddenly did what would best be described as some type of power-up. It suddenly got extremely bright then disappeared in about one second.

As with the previous sighting we didn’t have any recording equipment on us but in this case I don’t think it would have made a difference since it was too dark to have been able to record two lights so far off in the distance. Also it all happened very quickly and unexpectedly. During the previous sighting I was driving and due to the time the event took to transpire it really wouldn’t have mattered as there wasn’t enough time to pull over and turn on any equipment.

I again took what was experienced and using Photoshop and PowerDirector 10 created the animation below. This is very close to what it looked like from our perspective.