UFO Sighting – 12.17.2013

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12-17-2013 Animation

Animation of the sighting.

My most recent sighting of something unusual in the sky took place yesterday on December 17, 2013.

When I arrived back home I created an animation of what I experienced. This short animation is about 98% accurate to describe what I experienced. There is one minor difference that I will detail below.

The weather conditions were near perfect as the sky was a brilliant blue with no visible clouds. The object was very similar to what I saw on several occasions in Illinois with the only difference being the lack of what appeared to be a single headlight in the center of the objects seen in the Midwest. This object did not have a visible light of any kind.

The images (3 in total) were created in Photoshop to recreate as closely as possible what I experienced. I then used an online animated GIF creator to transform the three images into one short animation. For the video below I used the same three images in PowerDirector 10.

The main difference is in the transition between the 1st and 2nd image. In real-time, the object remained motionless for approximately 3 seconds before it quickly moved to the left and then vanished. This has been corrected in the video.

I was driving west/southwest on La Puebla Road in northern New Mexico. I was on the phone calling a friend and could tell that I was going to have to leave a voice mail. As I was waiting for the voice mail to kick in, I saw this object in front of me and to the left. There were a couple of jet airliners also visible at a far greater distance but they all had short contrails behind them. This object was much closer to me and was cylindrical and not elongated in any way. It also appeared to hover and remain in one spot for about 3 seconds (as mentioned above) prior to moving rapidly to the left and then disappearing.

There are 2 ways to view the animation. Clicking on the image above will open the image in a new tab/window where your browser should play it (without the initial pause on the first frame). The video below is the more accurate representation.