Transcendental Environment (TE)

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Transcendental Environment is a term that Jari and I came up with recently to describe something that we have both experienced on multiple occasions. What is it exactly? We’re not sure. What causes it? We have no idea. Yet.

We expect this article to eventually grow as we study, research and learn more about what it may consist of and what the cause may be. At this point most of what we have is pure speculation. However, you have to start somewhere.

It’s difficult to know where to start when you don’t understand what it is you’re even dealing with. Is this something that anyone can feel or sense? I’ve spoken to several people about it and I don’t believe it’s something that only certain types of  individuals can detect. However, it does require you to be dialed in and aware of your surroundings. For me, the feeling is so overwhelmingly strong and obvious I don’t understand how anyone could miss it but then again I feel that many people are completely unaware of what is going on around them at any given moment due to being self-absorbed and narcissistic.

Transcendental Environment (TE) appears to be an environmental condition on the surface. By all indications, when this condition occurs, activity increases, greatly. Does the condition cause or open a doorway for the activity, or does the increased activity cause the condition?

The condition seems to be rather short lived. Were this to be strictly an environmental situation, one would expect it to last much longer. The weather man rarely forecasts a sharp drop in barometric pressure this afternoon, but only for a minute. This is why the possibility that the activity creates the condition needs to be taken into consideration.

When I say that activity greatly increases, I’m not talking about getting an EVP at that moment or hearing a tap or a thump. When this condition is present, something tangible is about to transpire. In layman’s terms, shit’s about to get weird.

One aspect of TE that makes it difficult to figure out is that, at least in my case, this most often occurs indoors. I’ve had it take place in dirt floor basements with no windows, airflow or access to the outside world and I’ve experienced it in relatively new homes where conditions for the most part remain constant in a closed and regulated environment.

I also don’t have to be in a ‘haunted location’ conducting paranormal research. I’ve experienced TE at home in bed.

Thick Air

This is the most difficult part of the article to write because unless you’ve experienced it (and even when you have) finding words to paint a picture for others seems almost impossible. I have heard of somewhat similar instances reported by groups of something they call thick air. I disagree with this description. To me it doesn’t feel thick. It feels stale. And absolutely motionless. Closer to an absence of air than a thickness. Like it’s suddenly made of something else entirely, or more specifically, nothing at all. It’s just…different. I describe it more as a lack of what you are accustomed to than anything else. As if you stopped to think about it as it was happening (if it lasted longer and weird shit wasn’t going down) you might be surprised you can even breathe at all.

Another aspect of TE that I have never heard mentioned is the silence. It’s not quiet, it’s silent. It’s not that sounds are quieter or more distant. It’s that sound seems to suddenly not exist. There is no ambient sound, almost as if you’re deaf, but can hear. Even the thoughts in your head seem to be in a vacuum. The last time I experienced TE I was lying in bed in the dark. I sleep with a fan on me 365 days a year. Both for the airflow as well as the white noise.

BedroomI was almost asleep when I felt the air suddenly change. Not slowly or over a few seconds. Instantly, like a switch had been flipped. I know this feeling so I immediately focused in on the environment around me. I immediately heard a woman scream something. It sounded like a single word that I couldn’t quite make out but the interesting thing was that it sounded far away and in the room at the same time. As I was trying to figure out what word she said I heard what sounded like someone dragging a heavy crate right outside my window followed by several loud sounds I can’t even begin to describe that again sounded like they were outside and in the room with me at the same time.

It was at this time that I realized those were the only sounds. Even the sound of my fan and the airflow were absent. As soon as it began it was over. The air in the room returned to normal, not gradually, but instantly. The sound of the fan and the airflow returned. Everything was just normal again.

Some of the most intense TE experiences I’ve had were in the basement of Kenton Station. This place is highly active and things were taking place almost constantly. However, there were times when suddenly I would tell anyone with me “Here it comes”. And when things came down there, they came hard and fast.

One of the times that I recall I was sitting in the middle of the basement at a table with 2 females. We had been talking quietly and it was pitch black except for a few lamps with black lights in them at the far end of the basement to my left. I was looking at the opposite wall across the basement from the lamps where there was a dim glow and a few shadows on the concrete wall. As I was looking at these shadows it suddenly got very dim, almost to the point I could no longer make them out. At the same time I felt the air change and said “Here we go.” There are no windows or airflow in this basement so it’s always very still down there. How to describe a still environment suddenly becoming more than still is difficult to do. Everything just changed.

One of the girls said “What’s going on?” and I said “Watch this.” Suddenly the place literally exploded. It sounded like we were on the runway atKenton Station an airport and jets were taking off all around us. We had to yell over each other to even be heard. The best way to describe it is the sound of complete chaos. Lights started flashing in the dark. The entire room would grow darker then lighter even though the only light was from a few dimly lit black lights across the basement from us. This went on for what seemed like a very long time but in actuality probably lasted maybe 5 minutes. Someone from another room in the basement came in at one point and yelled “What is happening?”

Then it just stopped. The air seemed to be charged like from ozone after an electrical storm. Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Was the environment physically changed or altered? What caused this change as well as the activity? Was one the cause and the other the effect or did they work in tandem?

As pointed out earlier, one characteristic of TE seems to be as a precursor before an intense paranormal activity occurs, that is over as quickly as it presented itself. When you feel this change occur you can expect things to go high and to the right very quickly and sometimes almost violently, but not in a harmful way. I’m not sold on the notion that the activity is caused by ghosts or spirits. It’s possible, but to me there seems to be something different about it. If the condition is caused by an external force it seems to me to be far more powerful than what your typical spirit can manifest.

Jari’s most recent experience came a couple of nights ago. He was outside and realized the air suddenly changed and all sound stopped. Mind you this is out in the middle of the New Mexico desert. All he heard was the sound of a man walking through brush by the grave marker near the side of the house. This was not the sound of an animal. There is a distinct difference between something the size of a person walking and an animal in the brush. He was focused in and concentrating on that area trying to see something when he was shoved from behind.

One thing to keep in mind is that due to the brief time frame that most TE’s occur, you need to stay focused and have a plan in place ahead of time. You need to take in all that is happening in a short amount of time. Pay attention to what you are experiencing but also what you are not experiencing. It’s not easy to train yourself to note the lack of ambient sounds such as the fan or the sudden absence of the air blowing on you from the fan at the same time you are taking in sounds, voices and visual stimuli. It almost seems surreal once it ends because it stops and starts so abruptly.

This conditions seems to happen suddenly with no warning or build-up. Monitoring the actual changes in the environment is difficult to do because of this. You can’t set up equipment in preparation for it to occur unless you leave it running 24/7. And even then you can only hope that a TE will transpire at that location at some point in the future. If someone gets lucky and does record what changes take place, it may be possible to encourage these conditions to occur manually.