Lack of Integrity

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I am the last person to waste any time on individuals with misplaced intent when it comes to the paranormal. However, there is a line that once crossed goes beyond lack of common sense and directly into actual deception, lack of integrity and theft. Not only stealing someone else’s intellectual property, but doing so by means of a series of events that the original owner of the intellectual property has little control over.

Normally I would simply dismiss someone being deceptive but what I learned was that two individuals were taking credit for a subject I initially discovered after taking measures to assure I would have no knowledge of this. At that point you cross the line. Probably the saddest part is that none of this surprises me in any way. Being able to read people and their intent tends to reduce the shock of their actions later.

The Story:

A year and a half ago I discovered something I called EVP Transmutation. About six months later I wrote an article describing what I had been working on. (The original article posted in July of 2012 can be seen here). I shared this article on a paranormal forum called The Paranormal Society along with a discussion surrounding what I had discovered.

Two individuals in particular showed interest in this topic. The names of these two are Chris (CDS_MOD) and Ron (arizonaevp). Jump to a year later and these two not only had both became moderators of the forum, but also were openly coming out against me regardless of what I posted and seemed to be trying to push my buttons in order to get me to respond. They are both very much into over-filtering EVP files which they know will elicit a response from me as well as removing posts made by me with no explanation for their actions.

The forum started becoming the Ron and Chris show and my posts were being removed on a fairly consistent basis. It turns out that after a discussion with the owner of the site that it was Ron that was overall responsible for removing my posts which is very interesting considering what you will see shortly. I also informed the owner that both of these individuals were getting out of control and their leashes needed to be pulled in a little but obviously I have no clue what I’m talking about so it fell on deaf ears.

The truth of the matter was that the forum, which at one time was somewhat interesting, had gotten to be pretty much inactive aside from posts by these two individuals and a very small handful of others (most of who also just happen to be moderators). It was not uncommon for a couple days to go by with not a single post being made and I had simply lost interest. You can only see so many posts about over-filtered supposed EVP’s by the same two people cheering each other on before it’s more like spying on an IM chat than reading a forum.

Ron eventually banned me from the forum with an apparent motive for doing so. I hadn’t broken any terms of service other than fighting with him but didn’t care enough to state my case any further with the owner. The Ron & Chris show simply held no interest for me. Sometimes things happen for a reason. However, it seems he failed to realize that there are still ways to monitor what is going on even after your account is banned.

Cut to a short time later and a post appears from Chris where out of nowhere he mentions EVP Transmutation. Not only that, but he goes on to state that he heard of this and experienced it before elsewhere. No mention of me bringing this to light initially, naming it, or even prior discussions based on this fact. He basically describes almost exactly what I describe in my initial article from almost a year earlier. An article that he read and commented on.

Two individuals unable to come up with anything tangible on their own decide to remove an individual and then steal the intellectual property of that person? Again, none of this came as a surprise because I not only knew their intent long before, but attempted to share this with the site owner as well as others. I was the one causing trouble though obviously. Stating an opinion on a discussion forum is apparently worse than actual theft.

They even went as far as changing the name of the individual that started the latest EVP Transmutation thread (me) to the person that did the banning (arizonaevp). I saw this coming well in advance but it’s one thing to know that and an entirely different thing to actually see it take place. Especially when it involves your hard work.

As a warning to other researchers in this field: I recommend that you keep close tabs on the things you learn as well as who you share it with. I learned the hard way not to simply share everything with the masses. Unfortunately it’s the people as a whole who will suffer by not reading about things that they may find of interest simply due to the actions of the few.

They seemed to have removed or hidden my original post regarding EVP Transmutation but I was able to find a portion of it showing the original date, which just so happens to coincide with my article posted above. So the most recent posts where they are trying to make it appear as if this is something they are on top of is nothing more than simple theft, fraud and deception.

They even go as far as to making it appear like this is something that they discovered by their own hard work and due diligence while virtually quoting my article written nearly a year prior. Ask yourself if a place where the person in charge is informed ahead of time that he has put individuals with no integrity in positions of authority is a place you want to waste your time on.

As you can see, Ron has taken my discovery and coined it The Corti Effect and defines it the same as I did EVP Transmutation. How people like this can justify their actions and still sleep at night is anyone’s guess. Teaming up to get rid of someone to then outright steal their intellectual property all while putting on the appearance of being actual researchers is something most normal people may have a difficult time comprehending. To their credit The Paranormal Society claims that per their Terms of Service they are allowed to steal intellectual property so let that be a warning to others not to share any information with them.

The Paranormal Society took a full 10 hours to respond to my initial objection to my work being stolen by their very own moderators and passing it off as their own. Not surprisingly, they tried to spin it around to my attitude on the forum and the reasons I was banned instead of directly responding to the theft part. This was never in question. I did act abrasive and stand up against their shit because I saw what what happening and had a problem with it. They claim all my posts were deleted once I was banned. But if I start a post originally and you remove that initial post (the anchor of the entire thread), why would you leave the rest of the comments instead of removing the entire thread? What sense does it make to keep all the responses to the original post that is no longer even visible? Instead they simply changed the original creator of the thread to the moderator who banned me.

And why would you then start your own thread, call it “An EVP and a reason” then use the word transmutation, define it as I had, then mention you encountered this before elsewhere (while not truly mentioning where this elsewhere was)? I think the answer to that one is pretty obvious.

It appears that if your only research revolves around taking photos of a pan of water and over-processing audio files until you think you hear something, it can make a person desperate. Maybe the only option available to them was to take the necessary steps to steal the work of another and claim it as their own. I actually feel bad for these two.