The Change

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IdiotsTurns out the movie Idiocracy wasn’t necessarily a work of fiction. I’ve lost count of how many times people have told me that movie is now reality when discussing the dumbing down of America. Personally I thought it was based in reality when it was released in 2006.

You hear a lot about the sheeple mentality these days but instead of just seeing that as a term to separate the people like tea-party or liberal or conservative, look to see if there are actual examples of this in the world today. Is this a valid term and not just a label?

Experiments have been done where a sign was put up in a city that reads something to the effect of “Line Forms Here” and people will start lining up even though they have no idea why or what for. This is a scary thought to any rational person.

One of the main reasons it has been so easy to control and dumb down the masses is because they have lost their way on a spiritual level. Many people are only concerned with money, possessions, status and greed. The people have lost their way and instead of being individuals, they have become part of the machine. Many people today will do exactly what they are told to do, will like what they are told to like, believe what they are told to believe. Although most people are unaware of this, free will is no longer common. People are under the false impression that they still possess free will but in most cases they are mistaken. There’s really no other explanations as to why people still attend baseball or soccer games.

The Dumbing Down of AmericaOne simple example is the current overuse of the exclamation point. I bet most people haven’t even realized this but once you do you will notice it everywhere. Social media sites, titles of videos, comments, ads, magazines, everywhere. How did our society go from rarely using the exclamation point to abusing the hell out of it? And why? The exclamation point is the new all caps. Everyone is just so excited.

How is it that an entire society can suddenly just start mimicking each other without even realizing it? Is this a social experiment to see if the masses can be controlled? If everyone can be made to do something without realizing it, is there a next step? What other behavior can they get everyone to mimic or believe?

Finding examples of this is simple. The graphic here was gathered in virtually no time at all. How is it that so many people are having difficulty spelling words that were learned in the early stages of elementary school? With smartphones and web browsers that autocorrect or underline words, you’d think that using or spelling simple words incorrectly would be a thing of the past. Even with these fail-safes in place, it’s actually gotten worse. Your and you’re. Loser and looser. There, they’re and their. Even the phrase “I couldn’t care less” is 9 times out of 10 incorrectly stated as “I could care less.” How do we explain society as a whole going backwards? How do you advance as a civilization when a large percentage of the people don’t know that loosing isn’t even a word?

Finding evidence of this is one of the easiest things you can do. Since the Internet makes the world a much smaller place, this is an obvious place to start. You can also see this elsewhere as well. Look at what shows are popular on television. See what merchandise is being sold in stores. Look at who is on the magazine covers at the check-out line. What sane person with an ounce of self-respect would watch Duck Dynasty or wear clothing promoting it?

People wearing suits sitting in office buildings eating a catered lunch discuss ridiculous and insulting programs that they know you will eat up. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? Are you shitting me? If the country wasn’t being dumbed down these programs would never see the light of day. But they do. Not only that, but they bring in millions and millions of dollars. Instead of someone being fired for pitching such a program, they are making money hand over fist.

Mountain MonstersSomeone mentioned to me a show called Mountain Monsters and told me the premise behind it. I thought it was a joke. It’s not. It exists. Being a toothless, inbred hillbilly apparently meets all requirements to have your own television show now. That’s fine. You can put on a show about anything you want. But for it to have viewers and make a profit? How is this even possible?

Still not convinced that the country has been and is being dumbed down? How well would your child (or even you yourself) do taking this 8th grade final exam from 1895? These are just some sample questions from 45 total questions.

  • Name the Parts of Speech and define those that have no modifications.
  • Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
  • A wagon box is 2 ft. deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft. wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
  • District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
  • Find cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.
  • Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
  • Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided.
  • Name events connected with the following dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849, and 1865?
  • What is meant by the following: Alphabet, phonetic orthography, etymology, syllabication?
  • Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S.
  • Name all the republics of Europe and give capital of each.
  • Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?

If your little snowflake could get even one of these correct they’re well ahead of the curve.

Statistics will show that kids today aren’t dumber than those of the past. This is because the standards have been lowered to an almost ridiculous level as evident from the exam above. Everyone gets a participation trophy and we don’t keep score because we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Unfortunately you just made entering the real world where nobody cares about their feelings one hell of a shock for them. It’s easier to end up pregnant at 16 and living off the system than it is to make it on your own merit and hard work. Along with being dumbed down comes a sense of entitlement. Things are inherently owed to you simply because you’re you.

Along with the dumbing down and sense of entitlement comes the narcissism. It’s become a me society and Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” quote has never been more relevant. Everyone requires face time and assumes the rest of us want nothing more than to look at them and listen to them.

When did peanuts suddenly start killing people? When did gluten become the enemy? What about ADD, Alzheimer’s, autism, Asperger’s, etc.? Two years ago nobody even knew what a gluten was, now gluten-free is everywhere. It reminds me of “We’re Beatrice.” It seems to have come out of nowhere. And yes that Beatrice thing used to freak the shit out of me even as a kid.

Has anyone else noticed how boring people are now? Take Facebook for instance. How many times a week do you actually see a post that is even remotely interesting? Once? Twice? Facebook now is mostly just sharing quotes and ridiculous phrases that someone else came up with and turned into a cute little graphic. There’s very little originality or anything of interest unless you count pictures of a dog or cat or a taco as interesting.

BuyIs anyone else noticing this change in intellect and behavior that is going on? Does anyone notice that the media is going all out to segregate the people by labeling them and getting them to bicker amongst one another? I’m a Fox News watcher. Well I’m an MSNBC watcher so I don’t like you. Grown adults spend most of their energy arguing with people that have opposing viewpoints as if any of it even matters. I’m voting for this guy. Well I’m voting for that guy. They’re the same guy.

If you view things differently than another group you are given a label and slandered. How is this progress? Gays are given every right under the sun now but if you question a news report you’re labeled a conspiracy nut and the gloves come off. How is this moving forward? Most people that oppose your viewpoints don’t take the time to research anything and instead get all their information from major media outlets. Don’t argue with those individuals. Just keep questioning what you are told to believe, read, think, watch, listen to and live for. See the bigger picture and don’t just accept the easy solution because it saves you time and you can get back to America’s Got Talent.

If dumbing down and manipulating the masses is being done deliberately, it raises three obvious questions:

  • Who is doing it?
  • How are they doing it?
  • Why are they doing it?


Excellent question. The easy answer is the Illuminati. The real answer is nobody knows for certain. Call them the Illuminati, the Bilderberg’s, Bohemian Grove, New World Order. It’s all the same thing. 


My best guess is a combination of many factors. It could be all, some or none of these.

Vaccinations: What are they putting inside people? Oddly enough most people don’t know and don’t seem to care. This is something being injected inside of you yet most people are OK with that. No way would a government that gave the Indians smallpox, burned women and children alive at Waco, used 200 black men as human syphilis guinea pigs, used psychological abuse on 22 children to see if normal speaking kids could be made to stutter, infected prisoners with malaria to test experimental treatments on them, used people as test subjects for mustard gas, puts a known poison called fluoride in our drinking water as a way to dispose of chemical waste, among many other things, would ever dream of harming you. If people are against vaccinations, then pass laws forcing them to accept them. Easy.

Flu shots: See above. This is one of the biggest scams in existence. And they’re free. Of course they’re free. And people line up to be injected with God only knows what. Why wouldn’t they? Everyone is doing it. Exactly.

GMO’s: Stands for genetically modified organism. Sounds delicious right? I can’t see any way this could possibly go wrong.

Chemtrails: Oh I know, they don’t exist. Those are just water vapor contrails that don’t evaporate for hours and spread out across the sky in a grid pattern and slowly drop to the ground. Nothing to see here folks.

Subliminally: Mostly thru television and its commercials. Also notice they lead all movies in theaters now with commercials as well. Might as well target as large an audience as possible right? Subliminal messaging does work. So what if you simply changed the message from buy this to believe or watch or do this? You can’t swing a dead cat anymore without hitting advertising of some sort. Our entire country is one big ad now.

The major news outlets are in my opinion one of the most responsible parties when it comes to the current intelligence level of your average person. That’s not to say that the individual isn’t as much to blame for watching this crap in the first place. When I lived with my parents during a long move process they had this garbage on 24/7. I saw firsthand how it influenced their daily lives in almost every way. They lost friends because of the propaganda they bought into that these channels pump out non-stop. I tried to reason with them and get them to understand what it was that they were really watching but it was truly like telling a heroin addict that heroin is bad for them and that they shouldn’t do it.

People that watch this crap believe that because they do that they are actually more informed than the average person on the street. How many of these individuals even know of Operation Mockingbird? Yes, this is a real thing that existed and worked. When something works they don’t stop using it, they simply don’t talk about it any longer.

Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, it was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. The organization recruited leading American journalists into a network to help present the CIA’s views, and funded some student and cultural organizations, and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities by other operating units of the CIA.

What you are being fed is what they want you to believe. Much of it consists of false flag operations in order to get the public on a certain side of an agenda. By combining the other factors above, you are very easy to manipulate. Almost too easy.


Again, the short answer is control. There are a lot of us. Probably a lot more than they expected or ever wanted. We are far too many that if banded together and on the same page they could control. Therefore you must segregate the people and confuse them with disinformation or outright lies in order to keep them separated and occupied with other trivial matters.

The Georgia GuidestonesMany point to the Georgia Guidestones as proof of what the Illuminati have planned for us. Nobody knows who is responsible for this monument as it was commissioned under the pseudonym of R.C. Christian. It consists of 10 guidelines or principles. Many point to the very first one as a clue as to what is in store for the masses.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

That’s 13 times fewer people than there currently are. Around a 7 billion people reduction from where we currently stand. If everyone has their eyes open to what is really going on, this would be an impossible task short of nuclear war. But if the masses are passive and compliant and unaware, not nearly as difficult to pull off. Add in FEMA camps and martial law and most people would be confined before reality actually set in. As the media reported that everyone needed to get to these “safe zones” the sheeple would trip over each other trying to get there.

Is any of this actually taking place? Is there an agenda? I have no way of knowing. However, it remains a fact that we as a society have been dumbed down whether it be on purpose or through a rapid evolutionary process or that we’re simply doing it to ourselves by being less spiritual and aware and only caring about the material world. The real question is, what are you going to do about it?