The Blue Light

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This is the story of an experience a friend and I had on June 14th, 2014. Obviously you can choose to believe the following or not. My job isn’t to convince anyone, only to pass it along in hopes that someone may have an answer. We know it happened the way I am going to relate it to you so convincing others is of no importance to us.

I will leave out details from earlier in the evening that may or may not be relevant. I will however lay out the basic information to give you an idea of what led up to this experience.

We were at La Posada in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jocelyn had never been there so I simply figured she should see the place. Anyone who knows anything about La Posada will tell you it is a highly active space when it comes to the supernatural. There are many stories regarding events people have experienced at this location, both from locals, guests and employees.

After some unusual events upstairs near the room of Julia Staab, we went and sat on a sofa in the bar area drinking sparkling mineral water and people watching. To say the people we observed that night acted a little unusual would be an understatement. Nothing overt but just odd on a somewhat subtle level.

At some point, possibly around 11:30 but I honestly have no idea, we decided we had had enough and it was a good time to leave. This is the point where everything changed.

Stairwell up to Julia's room.

Stairwell at La Posada.

In this photo the door we exited is at the far left end of the picture (in the corner). Directly across from this double doorway is the Library Room. It had been rented out and is always lit up. Immediately to the right of the person who took this photo is the Rose Room. It is also always lit up and connects to the Library Room from the back. The stairwell leads up to Julia Staab’s room. The main entrance to the bar would be immediately to the left of the person who took this photo.

It’s hard to describe exactly what happened because as you will soon see there’s more to it than just walking thru a door and seeing something strange. As we exited these doors we both saw what we initially assumed was a very small child. I saw him as about 3 feet in height. This individual was dressed all in black. He (for whatever reason we both knew it was a he) had long black hair to his waist. Even though the hair went all the way to his waist I never for one second thought it was a girl. I do recall immediately wondering how someone that small could grow hair that long. I also remember having a little bit of difficulty with the doors as we were leaving. Either one side was locked and I had to use the other door or I pushed when I should have pulled. I just remember there was something about exiting the doors that didn’t go smoothly.

There are only 2-3 instances where what each of us recall is slightly different. He was facing us and his head was down with the hair covering his entire face. This is the first part where our recollection differs slightly. Jocelyn recalls him with his head slightly down and his hair parted down the center off of his face. She said he had a very large forehead and the face of a child but we both agree that the way he held his body was much more mature. I never saw his face or even his hands or any skin at all. It feels to me like he may have been wearing black gloves. What we do remember is there was a brilliant cobalt blue light glowing under the hair from where his forehead would be. I saw it that way, Jocelyn recalls it without the hair in the way. Oddly enough, at the time this didn’t stand out as all that unusual to either of us.


Representation of the suit he was wearing.

We both remember him wearing a suit. This photo is a rough idea of what he was wearing but there are some differences. First of all the suit was an older style, maybe mid to late 1800’s. The opening didn’t go down as far as is shown in the picture, you couldn’t see that much of his shirt. It was also buttoned up a little higher. The shirt was more of a silver/white color and seemed to stand out from the suit itself which was darker than shown in this photo. It was black and may have had very thin grayish pinstripes. The hands were dark like this showing no skin. This suit was on a man no more than 3 feet tall (by my estimate).

We also recall a woman standing to his right (our left) but there were no details to this woman. She was turned sideways and had her back to him. She was also all in black but was more of a silhouette than anything else. She seemed flat and one dimensional, like a cardboard cutout. I do recall she seemed to be with him but not aware of him if that makes any sense. We both had the sense she was some sort of a protector, watcher or guardian.

These individuals were in a dark space, not the brightly lit room we should have been looking at. We could see nothing around them, it was just them in a dark space. I recall them being much too far away. Further away than the space would allow, close to 40-50 feet from me. This is the second part that differs a little. Jocelyn recalls them much closer, just across this 8 foot hallway right in front of us. However she still cannot recall any details about the woman to his left or anything about his face other than it seemed to be somewhat childlike. This dark space made the blue light coming from his forehead really stand out. Neither of them ever moved an inch.

Blue Light

The face closer to how Jocelyn recalls it.

This all seemed like it happened in an instant and over a long period at the same time. The first things I remember thinking were “That’s one crazy looking kid” and “That’s not a kid” at the same time. His body shape was that of an adult. He also held himself in a way a child never could. He was perfectly proportioned and had a confidence about the way he stood there. I had trouble coming to grips with the idea of “that’s an adult” and “he’s only 3 feet tall.” The blue light coming from his forehead didn’t stand out as unusual at the time. The fact that they were in a dark space, never moved, he was wearing a suit and that the woman had no detail to her simply didn’t register. I was just focused on his size, that long straight black hair and going back and forth over “That’s got to be a kid. No that’s definitely a man.”

I do recall that I had no sense of my body or of Jocelyn being near me. I felt alone and detached from my body. I couldn’t turn my head but it felt as if I didn’t have a head so this doesn’t surprise me. My entire being consisted of seeing what was directly in front of me. I didn’t feel as if I was standing on a solid surface but it didn’t feel like I was floating either. I just was. It felt more like I was simply consciousness and less like I possessed a physical body.

The next thing I remember is being out of the building, across the street and up a side street standing in the dark on the sidewalk near the car. She briefly recalls a moment where we were crossing the street but she was looking down at her feet. She said these individuals passed by us but that she couldn’t look up at them. She recalls she muttered something about the sidewalk being a little tricky and that the woman may have laughed but she’s not certain. They passed in front of her and then she turned her head to look at them and she said they were already about 100 feet up the sidewalk and standing where we saw them the 2nd time. The next thing she recalls we’re across the street from them near our car.

I turned and looked across the street and they were standing on the sidewalk in the exact same pose as before. Neither moved an inch and he was still facing us with that blue light coming from his forehead. It wasn’t a point of light, it was his entire forehead. I remember thinking “How the hell did they get here so fast? He’s so small.” Neither of us recall the drive back and can’t remember what, if anything, we talked about. From the moment I saw them the 2nd time on the sidewalk outside I remember nothing.


Sidewalk where we saw them the 2nd time.

I had more of a sense of my physical body at this time but still felt like I was in a dream state and not in control of myself. Since this event we went back to the exact same location where we saw them this 2nd time and both realized something else strange. They were definitely standing on the sidewalk across the street from us but as we stood there later we realized that the sidewalk they were standing on was further away. Just as I had seen them as too far away inside, they were 20-30 feet further back than they should have been when we saw them outside.

This image shows where they were standing when we saw them outside from our perspective. They were on the sidewalk in the gap between the two cars but from our perspective the sidewalk was as far back as the building behind the cars.

I honestly couldn’t even begin to estimate how long I was looking at them when we were inside. Time didn’t exist as we know it. It seemed quick but at the same time it seemed longer because I remember so many details and can still see them vividly in my mind. The same is true when we were outside. I can’t tell you if the entire thing lasted 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Just when I start to think the outside encounter was much shorter I’m not sure and can’t say that with any degree of confidence.


The doorway we exited when we had the first experience.

Neither of us can figure out why we stopped outside the doorway as we were leaving. I mean we were leaving, so stopping to stare into the Library Room doesn’t make any sense. It feels as if from the moment we opened that door we no longer had any control over what took place or even of ourselves. I recall the room was lit up normal as we approached the doors which have glass panes and I recall stepping out into a lit hallway then immediately I was looking straight ahead into darkness with these two just standing there.

We didn’t start to remember the experience until 3 days later. Once we did, the more we thought about it the more we started to recall. We both agree that at the time this was taking place neither of us found it all that unusual. Instead of thinking “What the hell is going on?” it was more like “Huh, that’s odd.” We also both agree that there was absolutely no fear involved and that we instead felt very calm. Confused, but calm. We also agree whoever this individual was, he was in complete and total control. Neither of us could have decided to approach them even if we were able to have had that thought at all, which we weren’t.

One would think that if you saw a small man with waist length hair and a bright blue light shining where his forehead should be that you’d want to take a closer look to see exactly what the hell was going on. This thought never crossed our minds at the time this was taking place.

We agree that time seemed to speed up and slow way down at the same time. There are parts where there is a gap. We were experiencing something in one location then were basically experiencing it in another with only Jocelyn having a very brief recollection of crossing the street. For me I was looking at them from a position of the hallway then from across the street outside. Also from the moment we first saw them, everything took place in this darkness. It seemed like there were no lights anywhere other than this blue light on his forehead. Everything to me (both inside La Posada and outside) seemed like it was bathed in moonlight which is interesting because that night was a full moon. I recall they were a little more illuminated outside but it should have been the exact opposite.

Library Room

The view from the Library Room looking towards the door we exited.

The only part of this experience that bothers me is the complete lack of control I had at the time it was taking place. I didn’t get a negative or malevolent feeling during the experience itself, but the lack of being dialed in and in control does concern me a little. At no point did I seem capable of what most would call free will. I was simply a vessel watching something play out, unable to have a coherent thought or make a conscious decision. I had no peripheral vision or any awareness of anything else other than these two.

My first thoughts when I saw him were initially of a very strange child and then almost immediately the thought of “No, he’s a Native American man.” The blue light shining from his forehead simply didn’t strike me as all that significant as it was happening. We both agree that it seems we were in another dimension and that if anyone else would have been standing next to us that they would not have seen or experienced what we were seeing, this was just for us to see. But why? Why would a Native American whatever it was show itself to two white people? This is one of many questions we plan on asking the right person once we come into contact with him or her.

I’d like to think if this ever happened again that I’d be able to think “OK good this time I’m going to do this, that and the other thing” but I know for a fact it wouldn’t go down that way. We would be in that same dream state and not in control of any aspect of the situation. I have experienced some extremely weird shit in my time but was always dialed in and in control of myself. This was very different. If Jocelyn hadn’t recalled the exact same things that I remembered I’d seriously question how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen.

Anasazi Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico

Anasazi Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico

Obviously in hindsight the part that stands out as the most unusual was the cobalt blue light glowing from his forehead. We both agree it didn’t shine outward but seemed contained to just his forehead. Even in the dark space it didn’t seem to light up the area. We both agree that whoever he was he was very powerful yet gave off a feeling of calm. We had absolutely no control during this time. We were unable to think or act on anything we were experiencing. We couldn’t even speak at the time. I don’t recall anything audible and heard no sound at all, it seemed like it was all just your own thoughts but even those were limited. I could only think a few things over and over. I don’t recall ever seeing Jocelyn or even being aware of her presence.

Neither of us could really recall any of it for 3 days. Suddenly it was like “Do you remember anything odd about when we were leaving La Posada?” and then it all just started coming to us.

Some further research into small Native Americans and blue lights have led us to the Hopi as well as the Anasazi. This is very interesting mostly due to the diminutive stature of the Anasazi. Here is an excerpt from an article we found:

There are numerous interpretations of the name ‘Anasazi’ – however, the one that perhaps rings the truest is “ancient enemy.” This is a name which connotes the difference between them and the Native American tribes existing in the area at the same time. Some oral Native American history actually calculates itself in time by the movements of the Anasazi – the movement of the “short peoples” (the average Anasazi being only four and a half feet tall – hence the small rooms and apertures that form the majority of their cliff dwellings).

Hopi Chasing Star Kachina with blue forehead.

Hopi Chasing Star Kachina with a blue forehead

The Navajo refer to the Anasazi as the “ancestors of our enemies.” Nobody is sure what happened to the Anasazi or where they went. Some feel they left to another realm or even planet because they found life here too inhospitable. Other tribes reportedly attacked them constantly which is why they lived on cliffs and had ladders they could pull up to keep their enemies from gaining access to these cliff dwellings. For whatever reason, other Native American tribes did not seem to care for the Anasazi.

The Hopi refer to the Anasazi as the “ancient people.” No matter how you look at it, the Anasazi were here a long time ago and were among the very first inhabitants of North America.

Further research and inquiries led us to kachinas. The Hopi, Zuni, Tewa and other tribes from the desert southwest all believe in kachinas, or spirit beings.

Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world. A kachina can represent anything in the natural world or cosmos, from a revered ancestor to an element, a location, a quality, a natural phenomenon, or a concept. There are more than 400 different kachinas in Hopi and Pueblo culture. The central theme of the kachina religion is the presence of life in all objects that fill the universe. Everything has an essence or a life force, and humans must interact with these or fail to survive.

The Hopi Chasing Star Kachina in interesting as the star is always represented as blue in color. More than likely this is due to the Blue Star Kachina prophecy, but still happens to be what we witnessed.

Hopi Long Hair Kachina

Hopi Long Hair Kachina with a blue forehead.

Another Hopi kachina is the Long Hair kachina which is interesting because again the blue color of the forehead and the very long hair. I was unable to locate a Long Hair kachina with hair anywhere near as long as what we saw but it’s still interesting that there is a Long Hair kachina with a blue forehead.

One Hopi expert told us straight up “Maybe you saw the Hopi Chasing Star kachina.” Like it was no big deal. Is this something a lot of people see? What about white people? How common is that? And why did he appear to us wearing a suit? What about the woman? Was she actually the one in control of the situation? There’s a lot of questions still to be answered.

Upon further questioning he also stated “Yes, it is rare, but you shifted into the right dimension at the right time. Follow your bliss.”

If we entered another dimension let me assure you that the experience is very bizarre. Being just conscious thought without a physical body is something that would take some getting used to. One thing I find interesting is that while we were not aware of each other during our experience, we both saw basically the same thing but with minor differences. Why were we not seeing the exact same thing? Is dimensional travel partly based on the individual experiencing it? It was as if we both saw the same thing but from a slightly different perspective.

The Hopi Indians are direct descendants of the Anasazi. The Hopi culture have a legend which speaks of “The Ant People.” The Ant People are Godlike beings which will return at some point in the future and take the Hopis with them because of a traumatic earth change.




“Another Hopi story talks about the God “Maasaw.” Maasaw travels in a blue light. The story goes anyone who looks at Maasaw will become unconscious similar to alien abduction stories”.

Tom Dongo – The Quest – p. 57 – 1993

This is the closest yet to explaining what we experienced. The blue light and the shift of consciousness to another dimension. There are still questions such as the childlike size of the individual, the suit and the woman. Most importantly to me though is why us? We were simply leaving an establishment with no thoughts other than going to our respective homes.

It’s a very strange feeling to believe that you actually went to another dimension. I would say that the feeling I experienced would be as close to what I feel it would be like to be a spirit or a ghost. I’ve always wondered how a spirit could not know that it was dead or be confused about it’s current state of being. I now know exactly how and why that could take place. You do not have a body. You have sight but it’s different than what you are accustomed to. I had no way to move (maybe that takes some practice) and literally no peripheral vision to speak of. I don’t like that everything was bathed in darkness and if asked if I would ever like to experience this again I would say no, I’d rather not.

If I had never come out of this dimension or state of consciousness I feel it would have taken me a very long time to come to grips with this new version of reality. Again this explains to me how spirits can at times be confused as to who and where they are. Since time as we know it didn’t exist for me during this experience, in Earth time I suppose it could take years or decades or even longer to grasp the situation you suddenly find yourself in. An individual who dies unexpectedly or immediately with no chance to think “I’m about to die” could easily find themselves in this confused state for a very long time.

I think part of the problem was this unexpected immediate way in which it all took place. We weren’t able to prepare for this. I was me and then a second later I was in another realm and everything that I knew as reality had changed. I was simply viewing a scene that appeared to be directly in front of me but I recall no sound, was unable to look anywhere but directly in front of me and was unable to move. I had thought but that’s it. I was nothing more than consciousness with a version of what we consider eyesight. Oddly enough, during this experience it appears that our physical bodies did move because we found ourselves outside the building and 100 yards up the street when we became aware of ourselves again.

I do find it interesting that in the above representation of Maasaw that there is a small being next to it. This is very similar to what we experienced with the very short individual standing next to the normal sized woman. I have no idea why there is a small being next to Maasaw in this picture but it does add yet another aspect to the whole thing.


Looking into this we have come to the conclusion that since no words were spoken and as far as we can tell no communication took place, that this may have been a sort of invitation to travel into the spiritual realm and start a dialogue of some sort.

I have always thought that I could not meditate into such a space because my mind would get in the way or that if I did that I would snap out of it the moment something strange took place. One of the most difficult aspects of attaining this level of consciousness is fear. You suddenly realize you don’t have a  body and things are completely foreign to you and you tend to panic and jump out of it. This experience showed me that I can attain this state and that there is nothing to fear and that eventually things will get back to ‘normal.’


To be continued.