“Integrity” Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Lack of Integrity

I am the last person to waste any time on individuals with misplaced intent when it comes to the paranormal. However, there is a line that once crossed goes beyond lack of common sense and directly into actual deception, lack of integrity and theft. Not only stealing someone else’s intellectual property, but doing so by means of a series of events that the original owner of the intellectual property has little control over. Normally I would simply dismiss someone being deceptive but what I learned was that two individuals were taking credit for a subject I initially discovered after taking measures to assure I would have no knowledge of this. At that point you cross the line. Probably the saddest part is that none of this surprises me in any way. Being able to read people and their intent tends to reduce the shock of their actions later. The Story: […]


I’m Not Here to Make Friends

Ask most people and they will swear honesty is very important to them. What they fail to tell you is that they mean honesty to a degree. Be totally blunt and completely honest and you will soon discover that honesty has a different definition to many people. It’s not honesty they want but someone that will agree with them and pat them on the back. There’s a difference between being rude and being completely honest. I myself don’t play games and don’t have time to gently tap dance around someone. If they ask a question or state their opinion, I’m going to be blunt in my answer or in regards to my own opinion. This isn’t being rude, it’s getting straight to the point. I don’t curse or call them names (although it’s amazing how many of them will jump straight to throwing f-bombs the moment you disagree with them). […]


The Camera Design

There are two basic body types of camera construction : the all-inclusive box design created by the introduction in 1900 of the first Brownie camera from Kodak, followed by the SLR (single lens reflex) design by Nikon in 1948 with a design for looking specifically through the lens, which introduced new technology for better focusing and aperture control in photography. Then, in 1991, Leaf introduced the world’s first digital camera call the “Brick.” Leaf was a small company later purchased by Kodak , and once again, it was a “box” design, although thinner, sleeker, and easier to carry. The technology of digital wizardry includes a different methodology for recording an image in what is actually a series of dots (called pixels), not much different from the methodology in which photographs are printed in newspapers, or a television displays an image on a cathode ray tube (CRT). Now you may ask […]


The Orb Myth

I’m sorry I don’t have an orb photo of my own to use on this article but the truth is I’ve never taken one. This one is really straight forward. We’ve all seen the photos showing supposed orbs posted by countless paranormal groups as evidence of the presence of spirit activity. Most investigators should know by now that these photos contain nothing more than dust, moisture, pollen, pet dander or insects reflecting off a camera flash. Why they continue to be posted as evidence is simple: Anyone can get these photos. It’s the low-hanging fruit that is easy to insert in place of actual evidence. It’s how many groups justify not only the reason they should be investigating your place but also proof that you made a wise choice in selecting them to do so. You have ghosts. According to some of their photos, you have hundreds of ghosts, all […]

Old Santa Fe

Where to Begin?

New Mexico has been described by some as the desert that needs to be seen to be enjoyed. With all the scientific research and the ability to produce tons of minerals for export around the world every year, it has certainly built a reputation for itself. It’s often referred to as the state that embodies everything the southwest was, complete with its high deserts to low deserts and in all their exotic beauty. From Carlsbad Caverns, to its old settlement forts and its monuments to Native American history, people from all over the world flock to New Mexico to experience what was once the old west. But that’s not all people travel to New Mexico for and for many, it is not what they may think. Although Roswell is just the beginning, this state has its hauntings nearly everywhere you go. Here we’ve tried to define what are believed to be the […]


When a Child Feels Haunted

When a child first enters into this world, they are far more sensitive to the five senses, for them everything is heightened, everything is new, and everything is experienced. Their undeveloped brains do not fully mature until they reach their late teens. Their eyes are so much more sensitive to light, that researchers believe they can see into a spectrum of light that far exceeds that of an adult. Their hearing much more acute, picking up the faintest of sounds, in frequencies beyond that of their parents, but like their parents, they too will also lose all these highly sensitive abilities as they age . . . Or will they? TEST YOUR HEARING RANGE As children grow, they are often open to new and wonderful things, including the paranormal. They will begin to become inquisitive, asking questions, yearning for answers. They will not be able to escape the barrage of […]


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Many paranormal researchers and investigators have been in the field for many years, and ten times that many are novices. Beware of who you connect with as a client, or when joining a team, and you won’t get hurt. But that’s a lot easier said than done. First of all we must understand the ‘human condition,’ both of the living and the dead. Seasoned investigators have learned and fully understand that ‘our basic human emotions’ are what makes us all unique individuals. From a very early age we begin to define values and belief systems. We all go through life with a strong desire to succeed, with family, and develop a sense ‘of belonging.’ We all come from diverse backgrounds and we all value life differently, we all deal with race and prejudice, we’re all classified by color or ethnicity, we all live in social structures established by government intervention, […]


The Road to Santa Fe

Two paranormal investigative researchers and colleagues, Jari Mikkola and Kurt Page, have developed an unusual professional friendship over the years centered around the world of anything anomalous and paranormal. This passion has become the catalyst that prompts this duo to relocate to one of the world’s foremost UFO and Paranormal hot spots—the four-corners region of the United States* —to do what they love doing most; research, investigate, identify and document purported cases. And their city of choice? Santa Fe, New Mexico, of course. While their move to the Santa Fe region of New Mexico is already in full swing, Desert Highlands Paranormal Research was created to announce their arrival and the reason for this post, on this new website to announce their arrival. Their objective: to develop “a more distinctive and highly focused research, investigation and development profile that complements and enhances the fundamental ‘status quo’ most popular, and not so […]