The Sangre de Cristo Lights

Beginning on January 20th, I started photographing the lights we see over the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountain range east of our house. Doing some research on several Internet mapping pages, this object is approximately 15 miles from us as the crow flies. We have also overlaid images taken of this light on top of a daytime image of the exact same location which shows the size of the main light to be quite large in relationship to the mountain and surrounding terrain. My best guess at this time is that the main light we see is easily 50-100 yards in length. This is purely speculation at this point based on the overlays mentioned above and will require more research. Equipment used: Canon EOS Rebel XTI DSLR with a 300mm lens, tripod and shutter release cable. The settings on the camera were as follows: F/4.5, ISO 400, manual […]


The Return

My journey from the Netherlands was a long and arduous one. A process that began on what seemed like a whim well over three months ago and is still not yet complete. In retrospect though, it had actually began many long years ago in the deserts of Arizona. A journey that has, in fact, taken me full circle with a string of events that are continuing to unfold and play themselves out. A destiny of sorts that has now placed me in the high desert of New Mexico, known as the Four Corners Region of the Untied States. As my career came to a close and I neared retirement, so did my desire to not do any more globe trotting. When asked by my IBM colleagues in Amsterdam—where I had been living comfortably for the last 5 years—where I  was planning to retire, my response was always “In Spain, where else?” […]


Hopi Prophecy – the Blue Star Kachina

Hopi Elders for thousands of years have passed on many warnings of their ancient prophecies from generation to generation. Through their oral tradition and by referencing the ancient rock pictographs on the Hopi mesa, there are photographic tablets that tell the stories left by their forefathers. The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy In the ancient Native American Hopi prophecy it states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge into view.” The day is referred to by the Hopi as “the Day of Purification.” Today we call this blue star Sirius (for the Greeks, to the Hopi it is the Blue Star Kachina). Their prophecy predicts that it will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina finally dances in the plaza, after which it will remove its mask to reveal an enlightenment of our forefathers. Some have even speculated and according to the Ancient Alien Theory […]

Old Santa Fe

Where to Begin?

New Mexico has been described by some as the desert that needs to be seen to be enjoyed. With all the scientific research and the ability to produce tons of minerals for export around the world every year, it has certainly built a reputation for itself. It’s often referred to as the state that embodies everything the southwest was, complete with its high deserts to low deserts and in all their exotic beauty. From Carlsbad Caverns, to its old settlement forts and its monuments to Native American history, people from all over the world flock to New Mexico to experience what was once the old west. But that’s not all people travel to New Mexico for and for many, it is not what they may think. Although Roswell is just the beginning, this state has its hauntings nearly everywhere you go. Here we’ve tried to define what are believed to be the […]


When a Child Feels Haunted

When a child first enters into this world, they are far more sensitive to the five senses, for them everything is heightened, everything is new, and everything is experienced. Their undeveloped brains do not fully mature until they reach their late teens. Their eyes are so much more sensitive to light, that researchers believe they can see into a spectrum of light that far exceeds that of an adult. Their hearing much more acute, picking up the faintest of sounds, in frequencies beyond that of their parents, but like their parents, they too will also lose all these highly sensitive abilities as they age . . . Or will they? TEST YOUR HEARING RANGE As children grow, they are often open to new and wonderful things, including the paranormal. They will begin to become inquisitive, asking questions, yearning for answers. They will not be able to escape the barrage of […]


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Many paranormal researchers and investigators have been in the field for many years, and ten times that many are novices. Beware of who you connect with as a client, or when joining a team, and you won’t get hurt. But that’s a lot easier said than done. First of all we must understand the ‘human condition,’ both of the living and the dead. Seasoned investigators have learned and fully understand that ‘our basic human emotions’ are what makes us all unique individuals. From a very early age we begin to define values and belief systems. We all go through life with a strong desire to succeed, with family, and develop a sense ‘of belonging.’ We all come from diverse backgrounds and we all value life differently, we all deal with race and prejudice, we’re all classified by color or ethnicity, we all live in social structures established by government intervention, […]


The Road to Santa Fe

Two paranormal investigative researchers and colleagues, Jari Mikkola and Kurt Page, have developed an unusual professional friendship over the years centered around the world of anything anomalous and paranormal. This passion has become the catalyst that prompts this duo to relocate to one of the world’s foremost UFO and Paranormal hot spots—the four-corners region of the United States* —to do what they love doing most; research, investigate, identify and document purported cases. And their city of choice? Santa Fe, New Mexico, of course. While their move to the Santa Fe region of New Mexico is already in full swing, Desert Highlands Paranormal Research was created to announce their arrival and the reason for this post, on this new website to announce their arrival. Their objective: to develop “a more distinctive and highly focused research, investigation and development profile that complements and enhances the fundamental ‘status quo’ most popular, and not so […]