Being Pushed Through the Door

As mentioned in a previous article, I have always been told I have some sort of gift but always laughed it off. I preferred to see myself as just a guy with a camcorder looking to learn and having my intent in the right place. I also really wanted to avoid being associated with the types of people who claim to have such gifts. Lately it seems that the decision isn’t mine and things are being forced upon me whether I am willing to accept that or not. For the past 8-9 months I have delivered pizza. I’ve had many jobs including private investigator, armed patrol and many years in the IT industry. Without a doubt I’ve had more fun delivering pizza than any other job I’ve ever had. For whatever reason I just really enjoy it and make the most of it. I am leaving this area in a […]


A Metaphysical Journey of Denial

For anyone that writes articles there eventually comes a time where you want to write about something but you have no idea what it is or where to even begin. A point where you just throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks. Unlike previous articles, this one has no preconceived path or logical beginning. It simply is what it is. In 1980 when I was 13, my grandfather passed away suddenly. I spent a lot of time with this man and at that age just assumed he’d always be around, at least for many years to come. Even when he went into the hospital I just assumed he’d be coming home soon. This was my first ever experience with death (aside from one of my neighbor friends whose mother was hit by a train) and all I remember was standing in front of his casket […]


Can Children See the Paranormal Better Than Adults?

The question of children being able to see the paranormal comes up frequently and it seems many people have an opinion on this subject. Unfortunately most of them are incorrect because they look for the quick, simple, easy answer instead of looking into the actual cause. One of the most common responses you will hear is that “Children see ghosts because they haven’t been told they don’t exist yet and a belief system hasn’t been put in place by their parents and society.” While this is partially true, the real answer lies in actual biology. Part of it is cultural as Western ideas on the existence of ghosts is still hundreds, if not thousands, of years behind other parts of the world. Acceptance in the presence of spirits in places such as Asia and other cultures that have been around far longer than the United States is much greater. As […]


Can Ghosts Hurt You? – Part II

None of my articles has received as much controversy as this one has. I feel I was pretty clear in regards to what I was saying but either that’s not the case or some people just refuse to believe that ghosts can’t hurt you. For every person that agrees with me it seems there are 10 that are just as convinced that a person can be harmed by a spirit. Let me reiterate that ghosts can not harm you without your consent. This consent can be as simple as believing or even thinking that they do have the power to cause harm. The key is knowing that they can not harm you in any way. You can’t think this or hope this, you must know this. Any power given to a spirit is given to them by you and your fears or doubts. What you must realize is that negative […]


If You’re Hunting Them, You’re Doing It Wrong

There are countless paranormal groups out there calling themselves ghost hunters who refer to what they do as going on ghost hunts. The reason behind this is based purely on the fact that they simply emulate what they see on television including the usage of  words and phrases used and created solely for entertainment purposes. Their intent is clearly in the wrong place as many of them are overtly seeking their own paranormal television show and aren’t in the least shy about this. They will argue the whole ghost hunter thing to the death as they point to their TAPS affiliation as proof of how seriously they take this. Intent is the difference between walking around and getting the occasional erratic EMF spikes and having your name said repeatedly without having to ask for it. Intent is the difference between them coming to you and you spending all night stalking […]


The Ghost Perspective – Part III

This is the third installment of this topic because as I continue to research it, I keep finding more information that either backs up my theory or modifies it slightly. One of the main points I made in the past is that ghosts do not see us clearly but instead see a somewhat distorted view of us. Having looked into subjects such as other dimensions, space time and string theory, I am convinced now more than ever that we are viewed by the spirit world from a perspective of distortion. If you spend any time at all researching string theory and other dimensions, one of the first things you will notice is that your brain starts to hurt. In order to grasp any concept of it at all, you need to do your very best to simplify it as much as possible or you will go cross-eyed in minutes. Assuming […]