A Paranormal State of Confusion

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Paranormal researchers are serious about the tools that they use. Many rely on specific pieces of equipment to provide them the necessary data in gathering information for research that proves to be valuable. The problem is, technology keeps changing, it’s expensive, and worst of all, it can be very confusing. This article is going to attempt just a sampling of the technology that’s out there. This is to include devices that we currently use, have used, or plan to use. We will also discuss what is being used by other research teams and why.

It should be understood that in order to conduct effective scientific research during an investigation, it is necessary to know what to use, when to use it, and most important, how to use it. Knowing what’s out there will help you to be better able to determine what is a natural occurrence and what could be classified as paranormally compelling. It is therefore important to note that most teams do not have everything listed here in their arsenal, nor does its use make an investigative team any more effective to have all these devices. In many cases investigators rely on only a few basic items because many of them are either not cost effective, are difficult to use or analyze, or are too cumbersome to setup and review.

Both Kurt and I have been lucky enough to own a wide range of high-tech equipment over the years but for the most part we utilize just a few key pieces of technology….but more on that later.

Equipment Most Frequently Used

It is important to know what should (or shouldn’t) be used for a specific location and if it’s the right equipment for that particular circumstance.

There is no point in having any equipment if it’s not being utilized properly. Get to know each item inside and out. Practice using it in zero light conditions. This includes learning how to correctly setup and use all equipment that could be used during an investigation. Mistakes using any equipment could render the data and findings invalid.

Always inspect what you expect, as there is nothing more exasperating than not having any physical evidence from an investigation because it was improperly configured. Few things are more frustrating than having an exciting night of activity and nothing to show for it.