Spaceships and Ghosts

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I never intended to get into UFO research but like many other things in my life it was sort of forced upon me. With still so much to learn about ghosts, the last thing I wanted to do was get involved in something even more complex.

I always looked at UFO research as a very difficult task to be involved in. There are no haunted houses for ET’s or unidentified flying objects. You can’t go to a Pennhurst or a Waverly Hills and talk to aliens. To me it seemed UFO research was more about traveling all over at your own expense and interviewing other people who claim to have seen things in the sky. Once you interviewed them what did you have? Basically a story, which is what you had before you drove somewhere and interviewed a complete stranger. So in all honesty it simply didn’t interest me.

Without getting into great detail, the UFO thing sort of came to me. For a long time I knew I wanted to relocate. I felt I had done all I could do at my current location but more than that a voice inside me was just telling me it was time to go. Out of nowhere my parents asked me to come live with them in the Midwest and help them move. Little did I know this move was still a year off but I went because I assumed I was asked for a reason related to my wanting to relocate. It’s not where I would have chosen to go but it’s where the UFO process really picked up even though it wasn’t really on my mind.

I had 3 UFO sightings while there and another experience I still can’t really explain in any rational way. Basically one morning (just days after my first sighting) at 4 AM there was what I can only describe as a drone in the backyard. It was around 18″ in diameter, a brilliant blue, with a pink halo around it. It was low to the ground, maybe 5-6 feet and close, less than 10 feet away. It appeared to retreat and got stuck in some tree branches of a short, mostly leafless tree just outside the back door. It was completely silent and the only sound was the tree branches being pushed through. Once it cleared the branches it shot straight back about 100 feet, over a tall wooden fence and was completely out of sight in less than a second.

I had two more sightings after that then another after returning to Portland. All of the sightings left me with a good, positive feeling except the last one. For whatever reason that one just felt off. Although amazed at what I saw, there was something about it that didn’t feel positive I guess you could say. The first 2 sightings were in the daytime and were round metallic balls with what looked like a headlight in the center. The third was at night and was a single bright red light that followed my car but because of the single light and the fact it was near where I had the first sighting I’ve always assumed it was a round metallic ball as well.

The 4th sighting (in Portland) was different. It was a bright sunny day and I happened to be drawn to look straight up towards a cloud above me about the size of your fist if you held it directly out at arms length. I saw a bright silver metallic tube-shaped object that reminded me of those medicine capsule pills. There were no visible markings, windows or any other identifying marks. It didn’t appear to have a front or a back. I watched it as it flew into this cloud so I just stood there staring at the cloud hoping to get another glimpse of the object. Suddenly the cloud just started breaking apart and disintegrating until after about 2 seconds it simply wasn’t there any longer. None of the other clouds did this, just the one. For whatever reason I just got a strange, almost negative feeling about this one.

So back to wanting to relocate. I came back to Portland with my parents completing the move but in the process was still trying to figure out where I was supposed to go. Years ago I lived in Arizona and always felt drawn to the desert. I assumed at first I would go back to Arizona but was being steered towards New Mexico which is a state I had never even driven through before. For whatever reason, whenever I started looking into Arizona, I would end up in New Mexico.

Eventually I settled on Taos, New Mexico and started making plans to move there. I was telling my friend Jari (who was born in Arizona but lived in the Netherlands) about my plans and he stated  that he always felt he’d go back to the desert some day so I said half jokingly, “Well, move with me.” To my surprise he said OK. Together we did more research on Taos and came to the conclusion that this was not the exact spot we needed to go. We were being drawn closer to Santa Fe but both felt it needed to be a smaller community outside of Santa Fe.

Somehow through a bizarre series of events that we always refer to as high strangeness, we ended up in what was many years ago the general store in a small place called La Puebla that doesn’t even have mail service. As luck would have it this house is also haunted. More high strangeness.

What drew us to a very remote location in the high desert of the Southwest? For one it has probably the clearest, brightest and most unobstructed view of the stars of any location in the entire United States. A spiral arm of the Milky Way is clearly present as seen in the image at the top of this article. Were we supposed to end up in an area with a crystal clear view of the stars? Both of us have had multiple UFO sightings over the past 8-12 months and were drawn to this location seemingly at random. But nothing is truly random.

Will we continue our research into ghosts? Absolutely. We live in a haunted house. It’s all part of the big picture. But one thing is for certain, we’ll both be looking up as often as possible.