The Road to Santa Fe

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Two paranormal investigative researchers and colleagues, Jari Mikkola and Kurt Page, have developed an unusual professional friendship over the years centered around the world of anything anomalous and paranormal. This passion has become the catalyst that prompts this duo to relocate to one of the world’s foremost UFO and Paranormal hot spots—the four-corners region of the United States* —to do what they love doing most; research, investigate, identify and document purported cases. And their city of choice? Santa Fe, New Mexico, of course.

While their move to the Santa Fe region of New Mexico is already in full swing, Desert Highlands Paranormal Research was created to announce their arrival and the reason for this post, on this new website to announce their arrival.

Their objective: to develop “a more distinctive and highly focused research, investigation and development profile that complements and enhances the fundamental ‘status quo’ most popular, and not so popular, ‘ghost hunting’ teams already employ and engaged in around the country and the world. Does that mean that everybody is doing it wrong? No, of course not, unless of course the they’re hunting these unsuspecting spirits and ghosts as if there were a governors bounty on them, or without really know why, much less what, they’re going to do with them once found. If they’re found at all! “We both have believed that if a team or individual is ‘hunting ghosts,’  they’re doing it wrong.” Said Kurt Page of Portland Ghosts.

Both are well-seasoned researcher that have over the years have focused their efforts on forging new methodologies, technologies and concepts while at the same time enhancing those that many teams currently use. “Often we’ve been able to get them (spirit entities) to communicate directly with us once they get used to our presence.” Page added, “Often taking a long time to gain their trust.”

“Many ‘ghost hunters‘ don’t seem to understand, nor respect, the human condition.” Jari recently said during one of his many radio interviews, “The Human condition can better be described as that irreducible part of us– humanity–inherent in all of us. That part of us not dependent on factors such as gender, race or class, but the same matters that concern such things as personal accomplishment, gratification, the meaning of life, curiosity, loss of love, and ultimately life. The inevitability of being dead can isolate the human spirit, that with it can cause the spirit immense anxiety regarding the inescapable reality of being dead.”

Both men don’t understand how some very popular television programs on the paranormal condone and practice what has been referred to as ‘provoking’ in order to get a reaction from entities purported to haunt a location. Which is often done to solicit a response. The question is why would a reputable team go into a spirit’s home and begin calling it names? What is the purpose of belittling a spirit?

One must ask themselves, “How would you feel if a stranger invaded your home or place of business and began calling you names in an attempt to make you feel inferior? Or began to demand that you prove you’re not a coward?” It’s just another cheap trick many teams and individuals resort to in an effort to get spirits, ghosts or entities to demonstrate they’re present. In real life, it would either provoke a fight or flight. Most entities will just flee until the intruders (the living invaders) leave.

“It can take years for the living to cultivate a friendship. Why would it be any different with the dead?” A point Kurt Page of Portland Ghosts made clear. “There are several locations I frequented in Portland where I would sit in silence and they would begin to interact with me.” All it takes is patience, and an understanding of the ‘human condition.’

Jari Mikkola of the Spirits and Shadows Paranormal Project, went on to add, “As human spirits, we still retain our individualism, beliefs, and values that include hate, compassion and even love after death. All the values that made us human that were inherent within our soul, we take with us. You wouldn’t provoke the living, so why on earth would anyone want to provoke the dead?”

These are just some the many years of experiences that Jari and Kurt have learned and research to gain a better understanding of paranormal phenomenon. The question is what do we do with the knowledge learned? Stay tuned here and we’ll try to answer many of these questions, as well as present others we are still trying to extrapolate.


*The Four Corners Monument marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. It is the only point in the United States shared by four states, leading to this area being called the Four Corners region.)