Respect. Intent. Perspective.

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Respect Intent PerspectiveIt’s somewhat ironic that when you take the three most fundamental values that we use in regards to paranormal research and string them together that it just happens to spell RIP, since that mindset is exactly what we always avoid.

If there is one thing we have always focused on, it’s that you should never emulate the dog and pony shows on television as well as those spread out all over the country that are doing so. If you want to separate yourself from the masses, does it make more sense to emulate them or distance yourself from them?

A lot of people tend to lose focus on the fact that these shows are exactly what they claim to be, shows. They are designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To entertain as many people as possible in order to sell as much advertising time as possible to generate the most revenue possible. If you are serious about paranormal research as a tangible and viable effort to involve yourself in, then it seems obvious to avoid entering into the realm of corporate entertainment.


Real live ghost huntersNone of the following is a difficult concept to grasp. If you believe spirits to be the departed souls of the dead or the consciousness of the individual existing on another dimensional plane then you should realize that these individuals are still people. If you have ever communicated with these souls then you should understand that they are still conscious individuals capable of awareness.

Dressing up and acting like the clowns you see on entertainment programs isn’t the best way to interact with the living so it makes very little sense to act that way around those that no longer possess a physical body to transport their consciousness. Simply be respectful and treat them the way you would want to be treated. If a herd of people all wearing identical shirts and calling themselves ghost hunters is how you would want to be approached then I’d say you’re more than likely in the minority.


Most people would probably agree that it’s better to be part of the solution than part of the problem, yet many still go about paranormal research in entirely the wrong way. Your intent plays a huge part in who you are, how you are perceived and the results you can expect to attain. Your intent starts at the very beginning. What you decide to call yourselves, how many people you involve, how you choose to conduct yourself on every level and the way you choose to be perceived by both the spirits as well as the living.

Is your intent to learn from these spirits and get answers or is it to get a shot at your own television show? Is it more important to you that you and your posse are popular and get as many Likes on Facebook as you can or to establish a working relationship with the spirits? Are you more concerned with producing slick videos with sound effects, spooky graphics, loud music and an underlying soundtrack or with actual results? Do you take flash photos of dust and claim they are paranormal?

Remember the saying about first impressions because it’s very true. When someone sees you and your team for the very first time what impression do they immediately get? And is this how you truly want to be seen and perceived?

Many places are now starting to close their doors and deny access to ghost hunters for these very reasons. Places that used to be valuable research locations are now off limits simply due to the actions of those that view paranormal research as a ghost hunting club. There comes a point where your team even embarrasses the people in charge of these locations simply because you don’t have the ability to remain low key, respectful and professional.

Does your team consist of more than 2 people? Did you put any effort into coming up with a cute name that spells something spooky? Do you all wear matching shirts and call what you do ghost hunting? Putting aside how you are perceived by others, how are you viewed on the spirit side? Because word does travel on their end. They do know who you are. And more importantly they know your true intent.


18 members strongDoes your team really require 18 individuals to get the job done? Really? 18?

One thing we have always been aware of is perspective. How are you and your actions viewed from their side? If you were to switch places with the spirits how would you want to be treated or approached? How would you be perceived through their eyes? Put yourself in their place, their home, their realm. Now see you and 17 of your best and most trusted teammates arriving like a stampede of cattle. How would you view this? Consider all the possibilities of where these spirits are at and why they are where they are. Are they confused? Angry? Scared? What were/are their personalities like?

Consider the time-frame or era they come from. What are they thinking when they look at you? I don’t care who you are, 18 (or even 3) people can’t and won’t be as quiet as good research requires. Give just one valid reason why communicating with these souls would require 18 individuals to do so and still expect to learn anything tangible or compelling in any way. The fact that people don’t even take the time to step back and view the entire process from a different perspective shows just how little they know or even care about paranormal research.

Since so many teams seem to be concerned with acronyms, try the Keep It Simple Stupid approach and not only worry less about emulating an entertainment program, but do yourselves a real favor and don’t even watch them at all. The only thing that can be learned from watching them is how many commercials can be squeezed into 60 minutes and how jerky blurry camera effects can be used as content filler.

You don’t need an entire regiment of individuals, labels, ranks, titles, t-shirts and childish team names to accomplish the task of getting answers.

Thomas Edison was all about fame, fortune and being the center of media attention. Nikola Tesla was about isolation, solitude and results.

Focus on respect, intent and perspective and the rest should come easy for you.

plural noun: shows
a public entertainment, in particular.