Our Take on Bigfoot

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BigfootYou may wonder what two guys in New Mexico are doing researching Bigfoot. For one, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so Bigfoot was a fairly common topic in the area. Secondly, we aren’t doing Bigfoot research at all. Our take on Bigfoot may differ from most and may possibly be the first time you’ve heard this theory. We have come to this idea, oddly enough, based on research into ET’s (or interdimensional travelers, depending on your viewpoint).

Bigfoot isn’t even on our radar but during research into what I will call extraterrestrial’s, things surfaced that led to a compelling possibility into what Bigfoot may actually be.

Before we get into our theory, let’s take a brief look at some information regarding Bigfoot.

Sightings have been reported for thousands of years of a large, bi-pedal, hairy, man-like being seen mostly in very remote regions of the globe.

In Tibet he is known as Yeti, Michê, Dzu-teh, Migoi (or Mi-go), Bun Manchi, Mirka or Kang Admi. People of European descent in the region use the term Abominable Snowman.

The Native Americans refer to this being as Sasquatch

In the Pacific Northwest he is referred to as Bigfoot

In the Southwest: Skunk Ape or Swamp Ape

In Canada: Wendigo

In Russia: Almasty

In the Australian outback: Yowie

In Sumatra: Orang Pendek

In China: Yeren

And there are many more.

So as you can see, the sightings and history are global. This is part of what led us to arrive at our theory. How could a similar creature be spotted all over the world in countries with different cultures separated by vast oceans for thousands of years? Well, what if it was placed there?

Yeti hand and skull capIn Pangboche, Nepal, high in the Himalaya’s, a skull cap and hand (known as the Pangboche Hand) are said to be that of the Yeti. DNA tests carried out came back somewhat inconclusive but stating that the hand did contain some human DNA.

However, there remains a debate on whether the finger bone provided for testing was actually from the Pangboche Hand as the scientists stated they expected a “much larger finger” as well as some hair, which was absent. Why would the scientists be given a human finger to test?

Two of the most compelling areas of evidence for the existence of Bigfoot come in the form of hundreds of footprint castings and the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film that was recorded on October 20, 1967.

Many of the footprint castings are obvious fakes and hoaxes. However, there are many with dermal ridges. Jimmy Chilcutt, a well known fingerprint forensic analyst who is well-respected by both the FBI and DEA, has come to the conclusion that many of the castings are of an unknown bi-pedal primate who is very much real. He found that the print ridges flowed lengthwise on the foot rather than side to side, as human prints do. Many of these casts also show scarring on the feet which cause the dermal ridges to curve inward. He also found the ridges to be twice the thickness of humans.

Also of note is the heel-to-toe gait of humans vs the transverse tarsal gait of a primate. Many of the prints show this type of gait which is not how humans walk. There is also evidence that the big toe bends and digs into the ground while walking which could not be accomplished using fake feet to make prints.

The Patterson-Gimlin film has been gone over by countless researchers for decades. Depending on who you believe, it’s either a man in a gorilla suit or anatomically no human could move the way the subject in the film does. I have my own personal thoughts on the video but it’s up to the individual to decide for themselves what they are seeing.

So how does what we have learned doing UFO/ET research led us to any conclusions regarding Bigfoot? One of the main things reported by abductee research can be carried over to include Bigfoot.

One of the most significant things I read was from an abductee who after asking his captors whose planet this is (ours or theirs) was shown a series of holographic images depicting primates in various stages. Some he recognized but some were of monkeys or apes or human-looking primates that he had never seen before and looked very strange. It was indicated that these species were genetically altered and modified, some of which became the humans we recognize today, but not all of them.

3 GreysIs Bigfoot an extraterrestrial hybrid or experiment the same as modern man? If an advanced civilization came to Earth and jump started evolution or gave it a nudge in a specific direction, it’s possible that more than one species was altered. This could help explain their elusiveness and high level of intelligence, including why no dead bodies have ever been recovered.

Do they bury their dead? Do the remains of a body get removed? Do they perhaps live hundreds of years? Aside from these possibilities, animals that die in the wild are rarely found by humans. Depending on the specific location, dead animals fall victim to the environment, scavengers and decay at an alarming rate. The carcass of a a dead black bear is extremely rare to come upon due to these circumstances. They are simply consumed and scattered about far too quickly.

The Native Americans have long stated that Bigfoot is a spiritual being, capable of supernatural feats including the ability to disappear. This sounds interdimensional and very similar to many reports of ET’s and alien craft.

There have been reports that the US Government does not want the existence of Bigfoot known. If this is true (and I have no way of knowing) one of the reasons could be because of the link to an advanced civilization based on DNA modification. How could a species evolve to this level of advancement all on their own without anyone knowing about them? They would more than likely require some outside assistance.

Create or modify a highly intelligent species and then place it in various remote regions of the globe where there is very little chance of it being discovered. Makes as much if not more sense to me than the Gigantopithecus theory.

I believe that Bigfoot exists. However, I don’t feel that it’s an unknown species of primate that evolved on its own and just happens to be so lucky that it can avoid detection or capture based on primal skills and good fortune alone.

Is Bigfoot a parallel side project with a different agenda? Would DNA from Bigfoot show traces of Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon that has been modified genetically? One program yielded modern man and another yielded Bigfoot?

If Bigfoot truly exists it has already shown itself far more intelligent and advanced than Homo sapiens. No wars, no greed, it’s not killing the planet and isn’t responsible for garbage like the individuals that hold political office, chemtrails or The Voice.

One experiment appears to have been successful while the other, not so much. The best thing we can do as a species is leave this creature alone and spend more time and resources cleaning up our own mess.