NDE’s and Earthbound Spirits

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While I have never personally experienced an NDE, I have researched them and was surprised to learn that I have a lot of the traits of someone who has (heightened sense of purpose and self-understanding, elevated spirituality, a feeling of being more intuitive, increased physical sensitivity; diminished tolerance of light, alcohol, and drugs). Thankfully I didn’t have to go through what others have in order to feel these things.

After reading countless stories from NDE experiencers, it got me to thinking about earthbound spirits and if these stories were true, what is the correlation between the two, if any?

NDE stories are reported all over the globe, from people with every imaginable lifestyle, age and religious beliefs (as well as non-beliefs). Some are recalled from people who were only a year old at the time of their experience. Many come from atheists or agnostics.

While many of the stories have a lot of similarities, if you really look into them it’s almost as if each experience varies or is tailored to the individual.  Most of them however have several factors that seem constant.


Most NDE’s seem to come with a message. Many are similar (“It’s not your time” or “We’re not ready for you yet” or “You still have work to do.”) One constant however seems to be the message of love. For those that claim to have actually met and spoken to Christ, the same message comes through on nearly every one of them.  The entire point of life on the earthly plane is simply love. Life in a physical body is simply for the purpose of experience and the first step in an infinite journey. Many of the reasons given for it not being your time is simply that you have more love to give.

Coming Home

One thing I found interesting was the constant use of phrases in regards to coming home. People from all walks of life were all mentioning that they were home. I found this fascinating that people all over the globe that had this experience all felt the same exact thing and worded it in similar ways.

The Tunnel & the Light

While this experience is for the most part fairly consistent, it does tend to vary.  Some report seeing a bright white light that they consciously go towards while others say they are drawn as if by a magnet.  One thing reported is that this light is brighter than 10 suns but that you can look directly into it with no trouble. Many report coming to a stop at the edge of this light where individuals are suddenly there as if waiting for them. This is generally the point where relatives and/or Christ appears and they are informed that it’s not their time yet.

In some cases the light is replaced with a footbridge and the knowledge that if you cross it, there’s no going back.

The Choice

Some individuals report being given a choice whether to continue into the light or to return. The vast majority claim to want nothing more than to stay but that they are informed that they still have work to do and that someone still needs them. Some even report being shown someone close to them (like a child) and how their life will turn out with and without them in their lives. Even though they want nothing more than to stay, they realize they must go back.

Other individuals are told it’s not their time and no matter how much they object, they appear to be jettisoned back into their body without any choice in the matter.

Jesus Christ

For me the most incredible stories told by those that have experienced an NDE are the ones where they claim to have met Christ. The stories are all very similar, even by those that had no belief system at all prior to their “death”. Many mention the fact that he appears to have a sense of humor, even chuckling at times.

Almost every account puts him in a white robe that is so brilliantly white you shouldn’t even be able to look at it but you can. Most state that they immediately know who he is but that many times he will show them his wrists, feet and the wound on his side. One woman was even shown his crucifixion and was surprised at the expression on his face during the crucifixion because most accounts show him as looking either asleep or somewhat peaceful. She stated this was far from the truth.

His eyes are described several different ways. Some say brown with flecks of many colors while others say they are the bluest blue you can possibly imagine. Another common description is that his entire body emits a warm light that gives off a sense of love in its purest form. Many say you get the feeling that this love is all for you but that you can sense he feels it for every soul on earth. Some also report that there are angels near Christ and that he will look to them and speak and that they will then bow, back away and depart on whatever task he has asked of them.

Some of the more interesting reports involve those where the individuals asked him specific questions. One person asked him what he does at which time he replied that he does whatever his Father asks of him. The message given to all of them however includes that no matter who you are or what you have done on Earth, he loves everyone equally and unconditionally.

Fear of Death

Almost every NDE account states that once they return they have absolutely no fear of death any longer due to what they saw and experienced. Most are upset that they were forced to return at all. Regardless of how painful their death was, during this experience they feel absolutely no pain yet immediately upon return to their body all the pain returns at once.

Family Members

Many report meeting family members on the other side. For most it’s a parent or grandparent. I find it interesting rarely do you hear about both or all grandparents being present. Usually it’s only one, or at least only one that speaks. Some also mention seeing multiple generations of their ancestors. They have never seen or even heard of these people before yet know who they are and that they are related.

One man stood at the edge of the Light and watched as two individuals walked towards him. As they reached him he noticed on the left was Christ who was holding hands and walking with his deceased father on the right. His father was in his 80’s when he died but was in his early 40’s as he stood before him and informed him that they can take on any age they wish on this realm. Christ then spoke to him and he found it unbelievable that Christ asked him for a favor. The thing he remembers most was thinking Jesus Christ just asked me for a favor. He recalls answering Christ with a yes sir at which point Christ told him politely, “Don’t call me sir, my name is Jesus.”


This seems to be one of the main areas where the experience is tailored to the individual to some degree. Reports range from meadows to forests to lakes and streams to mountains and even the desert at night with more stars than you could ever imagine. Some see cities paved with streets of gold with diamonds encrusted into the buildings. Others report colors so vibrant that the mind can’t even begin to comprehend them. Most report that everything seems alive. Even the stones in the path that they walk on appear to be alive in some way.

Some people report seeing angels, some recall people present (at times even hundreds or thousands) while others report they appear to be alone.


Almost every single NDE reported where any sort of communication takes place states that this is accomplished telepathically and no actual words are ever spoken. Christ, relatives, angels, unknown entities and even they themselves never speak verbally.


Virtually every account where time is mentioned at all states that there is no time in the afterlife. Instead of a sense of time, they report only a sense of now.  Since time for us is linear and moves only in one direction it makes sense that in a higher dimension or astral plane that there is no such concept or need for time. If you’re in eternity, then time is irrelevant.

A common theme among NDE survivors is seeing their entire life flash before their eyes. This again is another example of the absence of time. These individuals say it’s not so much that your life flashes before your eyes but that you see your entire life. Every second is accounted for, yet it seems to take place in the blink of an eye.


People describe their connection to their environment in several different ways and again it seems this may possibly be tailored to the individual. Some say that they appear to walk but it’s more of an effortless glide and that you can cover vast distances in the blink of an eye. Others report flying like a bird or a butterfly and feeling the air pass over them as they do so. Yet others report being in one space, looking off in the distance to another place and as soon as they decide to go there, they are there.

Another common report is of being in space and seeing the cosmos from a wide-angle perspective. This usually seems to be a brief experience however and soon they find themselves in more earth-like surroundings. Reports are also common of simply moving through objects with no need to circumvent them. No pain or physical sensation is felt, they simply drift through what appears to be solid objects.

Trivial Matters

Many who experience an NDE come back with a completely different outlook towards things that really just don’t matter in the overall picture. They seem to have a higher level of consciousness and focus on what really matters in life as opposed to things like television shows that simply no longer hold any interest or relevance to them in any way. Who was voted off American Idol last night is so insignificant that they don’t waste a moment of their time here giving it any thought at all.


The vast majority of accounts include the looking down from above at their body as well as what is transpiring around it. Some have tried to return to their body and many report frustration that they can’t make their body move.  They feel fine and are experiencing total consciousness but can’t understand why their body isn’t responding to what they want it to do. They almost all describe total peace and a complete absence of any pain or discomfort despite the condition of their physical body.

This is usually followed by a rush upwards as they are suddenly drawn away towards the light and/or tunnel, or in some instances what appears to be outer space.

Now that we’ve covered some of the typical things reported in NDE’s, it’s time to try and speculate on what an earthbound spirit is and how it ends up there if all of the above is indeed in place.

NDE’s are reported by people who clinically died but didn’t die die or they wouldn’t have been able to make the report to begin with. So what happens to those that don’t come back? Can you actually die yet not cross over? Do we have the free will to say “OK fine, I may be dead but I don’t want to be so I’m not going over there where that light is. So there.” Do they think on some level that as long as they don’t take that final step then technically maybe they’re not really dead?

One thing nearly everyone who reports an NDE states is they are fully aware that they are still themselves. That their consciousness transcends the physical act of dying and they are still who they were the day before. Are some people simply stubborn enough to just say “Screw you, I’m not going over there and you can’t make me.”?

If this is the case then nearly all communication with spirits be it as a medium or using a digital voice recorder, spirit box, EMF meter or anything else is with individuals that have either chosen to be in a state of limbo or are simply very confused for whatever reason. This is probably very important to keep in mind while communicating with them.

I’m not one of those people who buys into the claim that some spirits don’t know that they’re dead. They know. Whether or not they choose to accept that or not is another story.  They may very well be in denial but they know they’re dead, or at least half dead if that makes any sense. Since death can only occur on a physical level, they are at least partially correct.

According to NDE accounts, the afterlife is all about love and tolerance and forgiveness. There appears to be plenty of room for everyone, so spirits who remain around this world appear to be doing so on purpose. I’m not going to get into a “the bible says this” discussion because the bible was written by man just as this article was. I’m only basing this on accounts of NDE’s I have studied as well as my own experience communicating with what I believe to be earthbound souls.

If you listen to a lot of responses captured on different devices, you may notice that many of the voices sound a little confused, mildly annoyed, agitated or even angry. I believe this is because you are speaking to a soul that is still more human than spirit, at least as far as they are concerned. These individuals are a little annoyed, upset or agitated because they’re in a place they don’t really want to be yet too stubborn to accept their current situation and move forward.