It’s Not That I’m Ignoring You

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Portland, OregonI left Portland for Illinois on April 17th of 2012. I arrived at my parents house in a small town in order to help them move and tried to make the best of being there. At the time I left Portland, the daily levels of paranormal activity around me were bordering on ridiculous. A day without something compelling taking place was the exception. I was seeing entities, hearing entities, I was being touched, things were being moved, people I know were being visited, it was literally getting to a point where it was almost silly.

Just prior to leaving Portland, I had been spending a lot of time alone in the basement of Kenton Station. Like a lot of time. I spent more time down there at night communicating with spirits than I did interacting with the living during the day. So it makes sense that everywhere I went was very active. From my bedroom, to driving, to walking down the street, I was seeing and experiencing things almost constantly. Then I moved 2,000 miles away.

One of the first things I noticed upon arriving at my parents house was that it was empty. Not physically empty but spiritually. I had gotten so accustomed to being in an atmosphere with high levels of energy that it felt really strange. And empty. Part of me felt relieved by the clean, spirit-free atmosphere. While in Portland I lived alone but never felt alone.

I took advantage of this downtime and occupied myself with things that I could do there that I couldn’t in Portland, such as make videos about lightning bugs and soak up the humidity. After awhile though I started getting the itch again and since I spent the vast majority of my time alone, I started to dust off some of my things as well as openly invite anyone willing to come and talk to me.Rock Falls, Illinois

As I stated, my parents house was void of any spirits. As a matter of fact, most of the general area felt that way. It was like a ghost dead-zone. The first instance I recall that got things rolling again was one very hot, humid day when I was standing in the driveway talking to my mother who was sitting on the front step. As I was standing there I heard a very loud and very distinct growl directly behind me. I could tell from the look on my mother’s face that she heard it clearly as well.  She asked me “What…was that?” The only answer I had for her was cliché, but true. “They’re here.”

This was the start of many more things to come. From that point on the house generally became more and more active to the point where when we did finally move away the house could easily be described as haunted. I spent the majority of my time there alone in the basement. That’s where my computer was, and the big-screen TV, satellite and my XBox. I was either sleeping, working or in the basement alone. Not that sleeping or working was any less active because they weren’t. Once I opened the door it was on.

I started seeing shadows and lights moving around down there on a consistent basis. I walked into the small bathroom one night and it smelled like someone had just smoked an entire cigar in there. I was getting EVP’s, spirit box communication, smells of perfume and even captured something on video I’m still not sure of. I awoke one afternoon to a woman (I believe it to be Leah) kneeling at the side of my bed with both her hands on my leg, which is what woke me up in the first place.

This is where I had 3 UFO sightings as well as seeing a drone (or something) in the back yard one night. My mother also at this time started to ask me on a fairly regular basis who I brought home with me this time because she was seeing things in the house as well. Their large dogs would at times cower and refuse to move or go to certain parts of the house.

shadows-photographyOn the day before we finally moved I was loading the moving truck and was taking my 100th trip down to the basement to get another box. As I was heading for the stairs I looked up on the landing above me and saw a man outside my parent’s bedroom door just standing there watching me. The next morning my mother again hit me with the “Who did you bring home this time?” routine because she was awoken several times that night by 4 individuals (3 women and 1 man) standing in her bedroom and walking up to her putting their faces just inches from hers.

During this period is also when I started sensing things and being able to read people. Both their intent as well as their emotions. My name was actually being said on the spirit box as much, if not more, than it was in Portland. After we moved, my mother asked me if I thought all these individuals I had brought into the home would remain there with the new family that had moved in. I just shrugged and said I had no idea.

However, this experience did cause me to make a conscious decision in regards to the new house they now live in near Portland. I am still living with them and working as I save up enough money to move to New Mexico and survive until I find a job. I have not and will not attempt any contact with spirits while I am still living in Portland. No investigations, no research, no taking any of my stuff out of the box. I told my mother I will not do anything to get their new house active then bolt for New Mexico. I feel that would be a real dick move.

This isn’t to say I haven’t seen anything since moving into their new house. I have. Twice. But I’m going to keep it in check. However, once I get to New Mexico, it’s game on.