Is Time of Day Relevant?

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I previously wrote about why most research is conducted in the middle of the night. The main reasons center around the lack of light and sound. Creating an atmosphere where there is no light to cast shadows and less ambient noise to contaminate audio is ideal to eliminate as many possibilities for what you see and hear as possible.

The purpose of this article is to show that spirits are able to communicate with us and don’t just come out to play at night. In order to reduce noise I conducted most of the research inside a vehicle parked at a cemetery I had visited previously. The idea was to show that spirit communication was possible at any hour, however attempts to eliminate noise (and light if possible) should still be taken.

I conducted three consecutive visits to the cemetery. One in the daytime, another in the daytime approximately two days later and then again that same night. The daytime visits were at around 1:15 pm and 1 pm. The evening visit was around 10 pm.

I chose this cemetery for several reasons:

  • It’s a little bit out of the way so relatively quiet even during the daytime
  • There are no hours posted, gates, fences, etc. so being there at any time of day or night isn’t an issue (I don’t like police)
  • There is very rarely anyone there
  • It’s near a river and canal
  • I had been there several times before

The first visit was somewhat inconclusive as the batteries in the spirit box were completely dead upon arrival at the cemetery. I was able to get it running enough to hear my name said as well as several other words but due to the extremely low volume I scrapped most of that entire visit.

I was able to capture several EVP’s but they were sounds more than they were words. I wrote the first day off for the most part and planned on returning a couple of days later.

The second visit was very productive. There was a definite lag in the response times but they were trying hard to answer as many of my questions as possible. Below are responses that were all captured during the daytime:

I returned that same night and while there was some interaction, it was far less than earlier that afternoon. The first daytime visit was mild but mostly inconclusive due to equipment issues. The second daytime visit was highly active although many of the responses seemed to be slightly delayed. The third visit which took place at night was what I would classify as on the lower end of moderate.

The most interaction without a doubt took place on my second visit in the early afternoon. This leads me to the conclusion that spirit communication has far less to do with time of day and more to do with environmental conditions and location.

I feel that the window between their world and ours is constantly in motion. Both sides need to wait until conditions are exactly right at which point we can communicate with one another but only for a brief time. Location may also be extremely relevant in how often this open window comes around and how long it remains open before closing again. A location with a portal may remain open for longer and more often, while a place without a portal may open up much less often and for a much shorter duration.