I’m No Scientist

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HallwayBut I know some people who are. The ideas I get or theories I come up with are not based in science, data replication or readings made by equipment I don’t understand. Everything I believe or surmise is based solely on personal experience and images I see in my head.

When an idea occurs to me I don’t know exactly where it comes from. Something tangible or unexplained takes place and suddenly I get this vision. Only it’s not scientifically explained to me. It’s far more basic. Like a simple graphical representation of something far more complex.

Oddly enough some of these ideas I come up with are being researched on a scientific level. I don’t want to mention names because I haven’t asked these individuals for permission to include them in this article. The things they talk about are way over my head. “Event horizons”, “emergence points”, “supergeometric theory” or “differential field bubbles” are all Greek to me.

All I know is that when I explain it the way I see it in my head I am told it’s the same thing they are working with on a scientific level with results that would “stand up to mainstream scientific scrutiny.” This at least tells me that we could be on to something.

DrivewayWhen I wrote the article on what I termed Transcendental Environment (TE), I didn’t realize at the time that these individuals were working on basically the same thing I was writing about. When I wrote about environmental conditions being the key to communication and that your physical location at that time is also a major factor, I was unaware that they were working on proving the exact same thing with data that can be validated and reproduced.

Speaking with one of these individuals today, he mentioned almost verbatim what I wrote about when I theorized your exact location in space-time could be the difference between experiencing or recording an event and missing it entirely.

I got this idea based on personal experiences, not scientific data. It’s nice to know that what pops in my head is being researched on a much deeper level than I could possibly attempt or even comprehend.

What they describe in words and terms I don’t even know the meaning of, I see in my head as a very simple graphical representation. What I see as something very simple (probably in order for me to understand it), they refer to as an emergence point that can move around, able to slide over the space-time fabric.

Night skyI’m not sure exactly what they call the location theory. I have always just referred to it as environmental conditions. When I explained the visual representation that I see in my head however, they know what I’m referring to.

I have always seen the two images I see in my head (TE and environmental/location) as two possibly separate events. However, in speaking with one of them today it seems they may both be part of the same condition. TE is just the environmental situation on steroids.

The way I explain to people what I see in my head in regards to environmental location is very simple.

I see two rooms separated by a wall. One room represents our world and the other room is theirs. The only other object is a window on the wall that separates these rooms. This window however is moving. It moves randomly on the wall with no discernible pattern. When the window lines up and you can see into the other room, that is the moment in space-time that communication can take place.

If someone on the other side says “hello” to you at that exact moment you can hear them. However, someone standing next to you may not hear it as they were not in line with the window. The window continues moving and you have to wait until conditions are right again.

To me that’s a very simple concept to visualize and has helped me to be very patient when trying to communicate with the other side. If both sides need to wait for this window to line up again, then patience is required. The individuals I mentioned would describe this in terms I don’t understand, but the end result is basically the same thing. How this happens I have no idea. They however are able to record these environmental changes proving that something is happening.

I think it’s a good combination. Science backing up what I see in my head. This is how we are going to achieve answers many of us seek. I can see it but don’t have the skills or education to take it to the next step. It’s good to know that there are those out there who do and that we’re on the same page.