Demonologists and Their Demons

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As a paranormal researcher and investigator for over the last fifty years of my life, and long before it was ever popular, I have always been aghast at mankind’s traditional beliefs in “Angels” and “Demons.” Believe it or not, even today if you believe in science and technology the church will still label you a heretic…only today they do not have the power to send you to an inquisition or burn you at the stake for questioning the deeply rooted religious views of ages past. But I guess that depends on your own personal beliefs and values that are often influenced by modern cultures and religions, not by science and technology.

Throughout history science has tried to understand, analyze and explain many myths over the centuries regarding our deep-rooted belief in angels and demons. All of which having originated through a need for a theological development of humanity (or lack thereof) that has become deeply ingrained in so many cultures around the world, that it has become an integral part of who we are, and science labels it as “the human condition.”

Herein, I will probably piss off a lot of people off believing that I am attacking religion, which I am not. I will instead be discussing the harm religion has caused when addressing the “human condition” and just how much harm it has actually done then and now.

I believe it’s important that we discuss how so many paranormal teams are ‘hell bent’ on revealing a demon in every corner and even call themselves demonologists.  How did “angels” and “demons” get so ingrained our ancestors analogies of the paranormal, what relevance does it have today on the human condition, and what damage has it really done on the human psyche and the human condition?

Mankind, by our very nature discovered a long time ago identified a solid kinship with these ancient beliefs than we really realize. Even though science and technology has tried to transcend the social and psychological factors of the past, they are still so deeply embedded in our modern cultures that they continue to influence our lives forming the foundation of our modern belief system in family, law, and government so much so, that it removes the objectivity of scientific research regarding anything paranormal.

Defining Emotion

I’d also like to first clarify a few key points before I continue… Humans, scientifically speaking, are quite unique within the entire animal kingdom when it comes to our emotions. The fact is, we not only demonstrate the emotions of an advanced species for the most basic emotions to survive and reproduce, but we also exhibit a much wider range of emotions than any animal on our planet.

Now before you go off half-cocked and send me an email, let me clarify one more important thing about this delicate subject before I begin. While humans have a wide range of emotions to deal with, I also fully understand that there are many of our primate cousins and various number of mammals that are also considered to have a cognitive capacity for such emotions (not just those of pain and fear), as many have been known to also demonstrate love. Yet if we are to objectively analyze these emotional capacities we would realize that fear and pain are only the basic emotions necessary for species to survive.

The Emotion of Fear

Fear destroys lives, and sometimes that fear becomes so intense it will actually not only govern all of our own actions, but the actions of those we are close to. Because we as a society have learned to live with fear and accept it as ‘the norm.’  Let’s face it, our species is destined to live in a world governed by fear…case-in-point; terrorism is here to stay.

Facing facts we must also accept the fact that fear as an emotionally motivating (and often draining) factor imposed on us throughout our lives by parents, employers, teachers, friends, lovers, governments, and religions.

Religion has had fear hanging around our necks over millennia like a hangman’s noose. So much so that it has become so deeply rooted as part of our human conditioning. Fear is the most powerful of our basic instincts; the will to survive, a self-preservation mechanism that triggers an inherent desire for every species in the animal kingdom. Yet unlike other animals who avoid what they are afraid of, humans respond to fear with, you guessed it, more fear. A perpetuating a cycle that allows that dreadful emotion to control every aspect of our entire existence, including the ability to manipulate those around us. Let’s face it our own governments have become experts at using this emotion to keep societies in check…but religion created the concept of using fear against us because God said it was so.


Being able to relate to what you fear, can empower you to overcome fear. It will allow you to better understand how to release your fears as the negative energy it is before it consumes you. If you think of fear as a concentrated poison within your body, you would normally have no choice but succumb to it and die. Understand that the energy fear generates is like that poison, it can and will hurt you, or even worse, kill you. By allowing fear the space to dissipate, would be much like diluting that concentrated poison within your body. You can survive fear by learning how to control the amount the energy it generates and how to release it when you find yourself afraid. Once you have done so, you can calm yourself down enough to think much more rationally.

The reality is that most of our fears are not real at all, but imagined. It’s only when you feed that fear with more and more energy, that it will consume you. If you don’t, that fear becomes stronger, you will become weaker, and you will allow yourself to succumb it consequences.

Angels and Demons — The Battle Begins

It’s a pity that not very many people really understand who the angels are. If you ask anyone what is an Angel, they usually think Christmas. Hymns sing to their glory, and even tops the Christmas tree. But what do most people really know about these so-called ‘benevolent’ entities? Or spirits if you will?

Unfortunately, many people have some pretty strange notions about them. Some believe that when a person dies, he or she becomes an angel. If it’s a way of accepting their death, well okay then. But the truth is that rarely occurs within the scriptures of the Western World. I’ve read the Bible several times and other sacred books, I sure as hell would not want to see one because anytime an angel appeared it was ‘really, really bad news’ for that individual or group. Because they usually only show up to do God’s dirty work like mafia hit men…death and destruction.

To really understand them, we must go back to the very beginning of ‘The Bible.’ It only actually mentions the names of four angels, although there are countless thousands that have been purportedly created since it was written. These four are Gabrielle, whose name translates, ‘God is Mighty’, Michael, whose name means, ‘Like God’, Raphael, meaning, ‘God Heals’, and a name everyone is familiar with, Lucifer, whose name actually means, ‘The Light Bearer.’ And they were all created for good.

The Rebellious Lucifer

It is told that Lucifer was the angel who rebelled against God by allowing his greed and pride to cause him to covet God’s Throne, the foundation for a mighty war that took place in Heaven. Thus Lucifer, along with his following of rebellious angels were defeated by the Archangel Michael and cast down from Heaven to, where else, Earth.

On Earth Lucifer is best known as “Satan,” a name literally translated to mean “‘The Adversary.”‘ But of course as humans one name is not enough and is known by many names and titles given to him throughout the centuries: one well-known name is the “Devil,” that means “the accuser of the brethren.” It was made very clear in the early scriptures that Satan (Lucifer, now the Devil) was not equal to God, yet somehow became the just the opposite. Where God is the ultimate “benevolent” force in heaven, Satan is now the ultimate “malevolent” force on earth.

The deed now sealed for humanity. God was then said to have created other “archangels” as warriors of his vengeance, and by definition were granted powers by God to keep Satan at bay as a blatant attempt to limit Satan’s power, ensuring that he would never gain more power than God himself. And Satan was said to have created “Demons” of his followers to rule over the Earth and convert mankind to believe his the almighty. The epitome of evil incarnate.

Demonologists and Their Demons

But before I begin let me first define the type of spirits or entities we may encounter:

Benevolent – A Benevolent entity serves as messengers or protector, usually associated with a living person. They are characterized as expressing goodwill or kindly feelings with a benevolent attitude; desiring only to protect and help others. Mostly a charitable individual if it is ghost or spirit..

Malevolent – Not very common, but could be considered the most dangerous. These beings are usually only encountered when an individual invites them into their lives. Such as fooling around with various forms of the occult; witchcraft and black magic, or by the use of divination tools; such as the Ouija board. Reciting incantations unknown to the living, can attract these entities that act as a homing beacon and should be considered an open invitation for any ‘malevolent’ entity to enter your life, however, once invited in, they will not leave easily.

Ambivalent – Is an entity having ”mixed feelings about someone or something; being unable to choose between two courses of action (usually opposing). For example: “The whole family was ambivalent about the move to the suburbs.” Or, “She is regarded as a morally ambivalent character in the play.”

First law of Thermodynamics states that energy is constant and cannot be created or destroyed….I believe that our soul is composed of energy residing in a physical body. Every organ is said to have a purpose, yet it has not been proven which one, if any, our soul resides in (although many assume it is our brain, that still has not yet been proven to be the case). Therefore when a human that has been good all their life dies, they would most likely be considered a benevolent ghost or spirit (again in a religious connotation – an angel). But when a human is an asshole in life, they would most likely continue to be an asshole in death, thus a malevolent ghost (a demon). Some paranormal investigators believe just the opposite…if a person is benevolent in life their anger manifests in death making them a malevolent ghost. And that if they were evil, mean and nasty in life, their remorse in death makes them benevolent ghosts…but again, it boils down to supposition as there still no concrete proof either way.

Some types of entities are even considered to be tricksters; those trying to fool you into thinking they are human spirits. But if you think about it logically, a malevolent entity could, and would most likely portray itself as a benevolent ghost in order to gain your trust. Whereas a benevolent entity would most likely never portray itself as a malevolent ghost to you, much less as a human spirit. One thing that is for certain, malevolent entities would know exactly what you are most afraid of and when you empower them into your life, they take on the role you fear most, becoming the persona of one, or all of your personal “demons.”

It can therefore be said, that by empowering a Demonologist to come into your home, your business and your life, you have empowered them to find or create the demons to fear most within you, if nothing more than by reinforcing your worst fears of demons in life. They are doing nothing more than reinforcing what you learned in life, whether is was taught through the family, in school, or by your religious beliefs. So, buyer beware…

Do No Harm? Quite the Contrary

During my research, I ran across a team made up entirely of priests, kinda sounded like a movie of vampire slayers, but this one threw me…because this group of priests claimed to be from the ‘OLD” Roman Catholic Church. Now the only Roman Catholic Church I know of is headquartered at the Vatican in Rome, and is considered to be the oldest denomination from which all other religions have spawned.

That group also belonged to “The International Catholic Association of Exorcists” WTF, a group of bonafied Exorcists and Demonologists who are priests of the “Old Catholic Church of America,”  for which I believe this title to be very misleading.  And anyone can apply to become a member!

The title does attempt to give one the impression that this is sect of the church was created to govern the American Catholics by the Roman Catholic Church – it most definitely is not.  Nor is it part of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome today, even though they claim its existence is identical to the one-and-only Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican – in government, doctrine, principle, authority, and history. My research showed, and we must also understand, that it officially broke away from the Holy Church in Rome in 1702, very much like many of the other disgruntled Catholics that spawned the reformation of the following churches; the Presbyterian, Lutheran, Church of England and Anglican churches around the Middle-ages to present day.

Now that said, a Roman Catholic priest of the Vatican church must undergo four years of University and four years of post-graduate studies (internship before becoming ordained). But what about this sect? Not I know you can be ordained a minister on the Internet for as little as $25. But for those who choose to qualify as an exorcist within the Holy Catholic Church (Rome), must have a major not only in theology, but psychiatry or psychology. That often adds another two to four years of education before they’re allowed to exorcise their first demon…The truth be told, most Catholic priests trained in exorcism at the Vatican’s University in Rome have never performed an actual exorcism. Nor is the class still taught by the Church in Rome today because of the many legal ramifications world-wide.

Now with the rise recent years of popular television programs, many ‘Ghost Hunting” and paranormal groups, now claim to be trained Demonologists capable of performing the rites of an exorcism…and is dramatically on the rise. This sets the stage for a debate that makes my blood boil, regarding the validity to their claims, much less the training that would be needed to be rid of such a “bad ass,” malevolent, and one hell of a scary entity. Let alone is anyone in making the claim they are trained, TRULY qualified to do so? When in fact they may have only wasted their money by taking an expensive online course or read a book by John Zaffis demonologist extraordinaire. And all it does is cause more harm and rarely any good. Take for example the real case of Emily Rose…(do your own research on Emily), but long story short, she died and the priest was tried and convicted of her wrongful death.

So What’s the Harm? You Tell Me

The harm is what damage all these paranormal “ghost hunter,” Demonologists and self-proclaimed preachers that have no training in understanding the human condition, much less ability to perform this deception are doing!. Nor do they have any formal training what-so-ever. At least the Roman Catholic priests have to take a two month course in Rome. Nor can these self-proclaimed Demonologists/exorcists be officially sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church because  the Church is said to no longer acknowledges, nor perform, the right of exorcism (well supposedly)…because people can die… and have!

It’s one thing to be a weekend ‘ghost hunter’ and trespass onto someone’s property to have the thrill of seeing a real ‘ghost’ (which many wouldn’t know what it was if it came up and bit them in the ass) after a few beers to prove how brave and smart they are. Oh yea, real ghost hunters. Bull!

Another point of controversy surrounding demonologists doing exorcisms have a lot to do with the growing belief in science. Because most of the behavior associated with demonic possession, past and present, can be attributed to any number of psychological illnesses and disorders. Whether an exorcism is ultimately beneficial or harmful is a question that not even the Roman Catholic Church has ever given a clear answer for, because results of an officially conducted exorcism has never published by the Vatican…nor do these rogue groups.

When a person claims to be a trained exorcist, they forget they’re dealing with a living, breathing person. A real human being, nor do they think of what damage they can ultimately do to this individual psychologically, physically, accidentally or intentionally. Because they believe “God” or a higher being has empowered them over this person’s life.

Thousands of years ago they used to lock up people with mental disorders like schizophrenia, O.C.D., manic depression, sociopathic behavior, and other anti-social symptoms in a dark dungeon and throw away the key because they were possessed. After all there was no science that existed then, so it had to be a demonic possession for which a priest, shaman, oracle and/or elders would be called in to perform their own version of an exorcism to force this evil demon from these frail, often psychotic, human-beings. Many of which are starved, beaten, mutilated and even killed in the name of God as a means of removing the bad-ass demon.

So again, when thinking about calling a self-proclaimed Demonologist and/or exorcist…..DON’T, because many of them don’t even know the difference between Demonologist and/or Exorcist.