Those Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

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“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein

One of the best ways to discredit someone is to come up with a label for them, associate a negative connotation to that label, then simply attach said label to them.

Teabagger, truther, conspiracy theorist.

These labels are intended to do two things: dismiss the individual entirely or create such a negative association to the phrase that no sane person would want it attached to them.

Case closed. We’re dealing with a nut job.

One thing to keep in mind is that many conspiracy theorists actually do a lot of research whereas the opposition generally gets all or most of their information from the mainstream corporate media. The fact that the media has been controlled by the CIA (see Operation Mockingbird) and other clandestine organizations for decades is unknown to these individuals because they don’t even care enough to research it for themselves. For some reason they simply refuse to look into a situation beyond what CNN, FOX News or MSNBC feeds them. These very media outlets are many times responsible for coming up with these labels as well as the negative connotations associated with them. Most people are just fine with an agenda-driven organization being in complete control of their reality. Anderson Cooper said this is what happened and he really looks sad. Honey, what’s for dinner?

If you don’t care enough to research a topic then you simply shouldn’t have an opinion on the matter based solely on dismissal of the topic.

The reason for this is more than likely one (or both) of the following:

They are too lazy (they’d call it busy) to research the case beyond what is fed to them, or the possibility that they are being lied to somehow scares the shit out of them more so than the event itself. In their minds, their view of reality is set because the alternative terrifies them. How can anyone be too busy for the truth?

Our government is to be trusted and only has our best interests in mind. With this viewpoint, they can happily go about their lives knowing that if you simply play along you will be able to pay your mortgage, take a family vacation once a year, golf on the weekend, watch Sally’s soccer game and see who moves on to the next round this week on The Voice. Life is good.

November 22, 1963What many fail to understand (or accept due to fear) is that most conspiracy theories actually have far more evidence for the cover-up than they do for the version given. Many conspiracy theories (like stereotypes) are largely based in fact. Oddly enough, of all the conspiracy theories out there, probably the most difficult to pull off would be the coup d’état that ended the life of our 35th President and created a shift in power that continues to this day. Yet this is arguably the one that the highest percentage of Americans actually believe did not happen the way we were told. Is this because time heals all wounds? The Kennedy assassination happened 50 years ago so it’s a lot easier to swallow when you believe that those responsible are all dust and bones by now.

If everyone demanded the truth this would more than likely end at some point. However, most individuals fear rocking the boat, being singled out, placed on a watch list, winding up dead or appearing to be that crazy person by their neighbors. Because let’s be honest, what someone living next door to you thinks about you is far more relevant than the truth.

American’s live under the false impression that they live in the land of the free. It’s just easier that way. They believe that their vote counts and who gets placed into office will actually have an impact on their lives. They believe what they were taught in the history books going all the way back to elementary school was the truth. If it wasn’t, how could it possibly end up in a book as acceptable curriculum?

The Internet age has been both a blessing and a curse. There are countless sources of information available to us now. When JFK was killed you had the local papers (not even USA Today back then) and 3 stations on television. That was it and made it much easier to control. With the information available today, they needed a different tactic to discredit the crazy people.

There are no checks and balances on the Internet so you have to be your own editor and filter. Some things are absolutely ridiculous which is why you have to go with the data. Some of the data is irrefutable. Some of it is pure conjecture and speculation. If you think that Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are fact checking all that data before telling you what took place, it’s probably best you continue to live in your safe little bubble of false reality. People for the most part respect someone that stands up to authority and says you’re lying to us. Unless the subject happens to be something that alters your perception of reality.

What many fail to realize is that in many cases, if just one fact is proven to be entirely incorrect, the entire house of cards falls apart. You can’t have it both ways. Either it happened the way you were told or it didn’t. Take for example the Apollo space program.

One small step or one giant lie?This is one topic where people are extremely divided and for whatever reason get very upset when you tell them what they were shown and told was a complete fabrication. This is more than likely because people are emotionally invested in it and the thought that they were lied to is simply beyond comprehension. Their grandfather worked on the air filtration unit for God’s sake. USA! USA!

I chose this particular photo because it’s so simple even a child could grasp the concept.

What we are led to believe it that this is a photo of an Apollo astronaut exiting the lunar lander. OK, sounds pretty straightforward. But there’s a very significant problem with this photo.

NASA openly admits that no external light sources were taken to the moon (including camera flash). There was only one source of light, that being the sun. What we see here is a photo where the sun appears to be coming from the upper middle right portion of the image based on the shadow of the lander as well as rocks on the surface. The astronaut is completely immersed within the shadow of the lander. Being he is at the base of the ladder with the landing gear clearly deep within the dark shadow of the module, positioned where he is, it would be impossible for him not to be within the same dark shadow.

So how is it that he’s completely illuminated? So illuminated in fact that the American flag is clearly visible on his back. A back that is facing away from the only source of light. The only way to be illuminated within a shadow is with a secondary light source. The landing gear itself could also not be illuminated in complete shadow yet there it is in detail.

This is only one small piece of data. The proponents of the Apollo program will tell you how this impossible photo isn’t impossible to their dying breath. But then you find another anomaly. And another. And another, until you end up with a mountain of inconsistencies, improbabilities and things that simply defy the known laws of physics. Again, you can’t have it both ways. If it actually took place there wouldn’t be any anomalies. The fact that a single photo was staged or faked and passed off as real by definition proves a conspiracy.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? The data is out there if you care enough to take the time to look at it rather than play around on Facebook or watch Glee. This is what they expect you to do. Look at the shiny object as a distraction to what is really going on. They know that most people are lazy and easily distracted by meaningless garbage.

The powers that be rely heavily on a disinformation campaign. Put out bogus theories, attach them to conspiracy theorists then prove the information is wrong. It’s an extremely effective tactic to persuade most people that conspiracy theorists are nut jobs when in fact the conspiracy itself was planted.

Sandy HoaxOne of the most effective false flag tactics is to involve children. It’s a brilliant strategy as most people react emotionally rather than with common sense when it comes to children. The mere thought that the government would lie when it comes to dead children is unfathomable. Yet this is the same government that burned women and babies alive at Waco and murdered women and children in cold blood at Ruby Ridge. They even shot and killed a dog.

They know that the public has a very short attention span. Some people will get bent out of shape early on but something else will come along to get their attention or they will simply tire of the uphill battle.

For the most part people bought the Sandy Hook story hook line and sinker. Without one video still showing anyone did what was reported. Not one piece of actual evidence was ever shown to the public, certainly nothing that would stand up in a court of law. By all accounts every piece of evidence was hearsay, and even that was inconsistent. Not one eye-witness can place any specific individual inside that school. Every single supposed victim is dead. Over 20 people and not one survived. Nobody to contradict the story. Remarkable.

Columbine had video footage taken from the school’s surveillance cameras yet not one frame of a person allegedly named Adam Lanza was ever shown at or even near Sandy Hook Elementary.

At what point did the American public stop requiring more than someone reading off a teleprompter as evidence that something of this magnitude actually took place? I’m sorry but a video still of Adam Lanza dressed in black carrying weapons into the front door or walking down the hallway isn’t too much to ask if you expect me to buy in. Why has the general public become so complacent when it comes to evidence that something actually took place?

Because the American people have been dumbed down. It’s really that simple. The term sheeple has never been more accurate than it is today. People don’t even know the difference between your and you’re any more. Something taught in the earliest stages of elementary school is now beyond the grasp of many. People have gotten stupid and lazy. It takes far less time and effort to just believe what you are told than to question authority. It might cut into your television viewing time. Just think of all the commercials you’d miss.

And you’re supposed to be concerned if these people call you a conspiracy theorist?