Being Pushed Through the Door

As mentioned in a previous article, I have always been told I have some sort of gift but always laughed it off. I preferred to see myself as just a guy with a camcorder looking to learn and having my intent in the right place. I also really wanted to avoid being associated with the types of people who claim to have such gifts. Lately it seems that the decision isn’t mine and things are being forced upon me whether I am willing to accept that or not. For the past 8-9 months I have delivered pizza. I’ve had many jobs including private investigator, armed patrol and many years in the IT industry. Without a doubt I’ve had more fun delivering pizza than any other job I’ve ever had. For whatever reason I just really enjoy it and make the most of it. I am leaving this area in a […]


The Road to Santa Fe

Two paranormal investigative researchers and colleagues, Jari Mikkola and Kurt Page, have developed an unusual professional friendship over the years centered around the world of anything anomalous and paranormal. This passion has become the catalyst that prompts this duo to relocate to one of the world’s foremost UFO and Paranormal hot spots—the four-corners region of the United States* —to do what they love doing most; research, investigate, identify and document purported cases. And their city of choice? Santa Fe, New Mexico, of course. While their move to the Santa Fe region of New Mexico is already in full swing, Desert Highlands Paranormal Research was created to announce their arrival and the reason for this post, on this new website to announce their arrival. Their objective: to develop “a more distinctive and highly focused research, investigation and development profile that complements and enhances the fundamental ‘status quo’ most popular, and not so […]