The Elusive Meaning of Truth

Søren Kierkegaard, an 18th century Danish philosopher and theologian once said, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” Recently I received an email from a source that shall remain unnamed, who wanted to warn me regarding my skeptical beliefs and sources in my writings (more specifically from debunkers), in which I threw caution to the wind when writing or publishing material from a pseudoskeptical source. This person went on to warn me (rather ambiguously) that I needed to clarify my thoughts on where I stood before publishing articles that seemed ‘one-sided,’ in which reference was made to a short article that I published in The Journal of Anomalous Sciences long ago, telling readers about the mindset of “True believers” and “debunkers” without understanding the difference between a “pseudoskeptic” and a” true skeptic.” I […]


Is Infrared Light a Problem?

For nearly 3 years now I’ve believed that the standard lighting used by most paranormal researchers is actually preventing individuals from capturing spirits on video. Being able to see into the infrared is beneficial, however the current implementation seems to be somewhat of a problem. I also do not believe this is the primary range of the light spectrum where spirits most often reside. While many researchers may resist implementing the following methods based on the investment they have already made in infrared lighting and equipment, if you are just getting started or looking to upgrade your equipment, you may find the information below beneficial. Before getting into specifics as to why I believe the most often used equipment may actually be detrimental to capturing spirits, let’s take a look at the range on the light spectrum that I personally feel may be the most beneficial when attempting to record […]


A Paranormal State of Confusion

Paranormal researchers are serious about the tools that they use. Many rely on specific pieces of equipment to provide them the necessary data in gathering information for research that proves to be valuable. The problem is, technology keeps changing, it’s expensive, and worst of all, it can be very confusing. This article is going to attempt just a sampling of the technology that’s out there. This is to include devices that we currently use, have used, or plan to use. We will also discuss what is being used by other research teams and why. It should be understood that in order to conduct effective scientific research during an investigation, it is necessary to know what to use, when to use it, and most important, how to use it. Knowing what’s out there will help you to be better able to determine what is a natural occurrence and what could be […]


The Orb Myth

I’m sorry I don’t have an orb photo of my own to use on this article but the truth is I’ve never taken one. This one is really straight forward. We’ve all seen the photos showing supposed orbs posted by countless paranormal groups as evidence of the presence of spirit activity. Most investigators should know by now that these photos contain nothing more than dust, moisture, pollen, pet dander or insects reflecting off a camera flash. Why they continue to be posted as evidence is simple: Anyone can get these photos. It’s the low-hanging fruit that is easy to insert in place of actual evidence. It’s how many groups justify not only the reason they should be investigating your place but also proof that you made a wise choice in selecting them to do so. You have ghosts. According to some of their photos, you have hundreds of ghosts, all […]


Equipment – Part I

Between Jari and myself we easily have enough technical equipment to support several research teams. I would, however, estimate that overall we use maybe 5% of this on a regular basis. When I first started out I trucked the majority of my things with me to investigations but realized a couple of things over time. For starters, I was spending a ridiculous amount of time going over all the data compiled by all these different devices. So much so that at one point I was having someone sit and stare at my DVR monitor in an isolated area and jot down times and camera numbers every time they thought they may have seen something while I was in a different location doing my thing. I still had to go over every piece of video they marked as well as randomly reviewing the rest of it anyway so overall I wasn’t […]


EVP Transmutation

Electronic Voice Phenomena Transmutation is a term I came up with for something that I have experienced multiple times. I’ve searched the Google and spoken to other researchers but have been unable to locate any information related to this anomaly. I have also had difficulty finding others that have even experienced this. The purpose of this article is not to get into what an EVP is, whether or not they are actually the voices of the dead, RF bleed-over or even inter-dimensional non-human entities. Where the voices that are recorded come from is another topic. This article is simply to discuss and define an unusual form of electronic voice phenomena that, at this time, has no known explanation. The two most common methods of capturing “spirit voices” are digital voice recorders and the spirit box.  However, EVP Transmutation has never occurred with anything I have recorded using a spirit box. Looking into the […]


EVP 101

I had been toying with the idea of posting something in regards to EVP’s when I was informed that my friend Michael had posted similar information on his site. Michael is a fantastic person and has been doing this a lot longer than I have. My intention is for this post to simply add to the valuable information Michael provided as well as giving a slightly different perspective from another researcher’s point of view. By combining both, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to capture some incredible EVP’s in the very near future. I guess I will start with something that I get asked a lot. “Should I do EVP sessions in my own home?” In my case I have no problem with this. A lot of people seem to think by doing an EVP session in their own home they are inviting spirits or ghosts into their space. […]


Flatland – Dimensions and ET’s

Graphical representation of 5 dimensional space Dimensions are a lot like space. The more you learn about them the more it makes your brain hurt. It’s difficult to grasp something that you can’t perceive such as the vast size of space or higher dimensions. When someone tells you that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second or that at that speed it would take 100,000 years just to cross our own Milky Way galaxy, you understand those numbers mean fast and big, but how fast and how big is really almost impossible to imagine. At the speed of light time ceases to exist for you. So if you traveled at that speed for 50,000 years, made an abrupt u-turn and traveled for another 50,000 years back, when you returned to Earth it would have advanced 100,000 years into the future but you would be the same age as […]


Can Children See the Paranormal Better Than Adults?

The question of children being able to see the paranormal comes up frequently and it seems many people have an opinion on this subject. Unfortunately most of them are incorrect because they look for the quick, simple, easy answer instead of looking into the actual cause. One of the most common responses you will hear is that “Children see ghosts because they haven’t been told they don’t exist yet and a belief system hasn’t been put in place by their parents and society.” While this is partially true, the real answer lies in actual biology. Part of it is cultural as Western ideas on the existence of ghosts is still hundreds, if not thousands, of years behind other parts of the world. Acceptance in the presence of spirits in places such as Asia and other cultures that have been around far longer than the United States is much greater. As […]


The Ghost Perspective – Part III

This is the third installment of this topic because as I continue to research it, I keep finding more information that either backs up my theory or modifies it slightly. One of the main points I made in the past is that ghosts do not see us clearly but instead see a somewhat distorted view of us. Having looked into subjects such as other dimensions, space time and string theory, I am convinced now more than ever that we are viewed by the spirit world from a perspective of distortion. If you spend any time at all researching string theory and other dimensions, one of the first things you will notice is that your brain starts to hurt. In order to grasp any concept of it at all, you need to do your very best to simplify it as much as possible or you will go cross-eyed in minutes. Assuming […]