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Is Time of Day Relevant?

I previously wrote about why most research is conducted in the middle of the night. The main reasons center around the lack of light and sound. Creating an atmosphere where there is no light to cast shadows and less ambient noise to contaminate audio is ideal to eliminate as many possibilities for what you see and hear as possible. The purpose of this article is to show that spirits are able to communicate with us and don’t just come out to play at night. In order to reduce noise I conducted most of the research inside a vehicle parked at a cemetery I had visited previously. The idea was to show that spirit communication was possible at any hour, however attempts to eliminate noise (and light if possible) should still be taken. I conducted three consecutive visits to the cemetery. One in the daytime, another in the daytime approximately two […]


2012 Portland Ghosts 2nd Anniversary Videos

The following are two videos I made in 2012 for the 2nd Anniversary of Portland Ghosts, my original research project. Videos were shot in Portland, Oregon – Vancouver, Washington – Scappoose, Oregon – St. Helens, Oregon – Rock Falls, Illinois and Moline, Illinois


Equipment – Part I

Between Jari and myself we easily have enough technical equipment to support several research teams. I would, however, estimate that overall we use maybe 5% of this on a regular basis. When I first started out I trucked the majority of my things with me to investigations but realized a couple of things over time. For starters, I was spending a ridiculous amount of time going over all the data compiled by all these different devices. So much so that at one point I was having someone sit and stare at my DVR monitor in an isolated area and jot down times and camera numbers every time they thought they may have seen something while I was in a different location doing my thing. I still had to go over every piece of video they marked as well as randomly reviewing the rest of it anyway so overall I wasn’t […]


Intent – Part III

Quite possibly the biggest obstacle for those serious about paranormal research is distancing yourself from the television emulating ghost hunters. For me, researching is about quality over quantity. I’d rather find one active location with spirits willing to work with me and focus all my time and energy there than to spend one night only at 30 different places a year. If that location just so happens to be my own home then all the better. Many teams however are more interested in the volume of locations they can get into rather than the quality of what actually takes place once they get there. The place I learned the most at (and spent the majority of my time) almost never happened. I tried for quite some time to get into Kenton Station and kept running into major resistance. At first I didn’t completely understand this as the owner was not […]


EVP Transmutation

Electronic Voice Phenomena Transmutation is a term I came up with for something that I have experienced multiple times. I’ve searched the Google and spoken to other researchers but have been unable to locate any information related to this anomaly. I have also had difficulty finding others that have even experienced this. The purpose of this article is not to get into what an EVP is, whether or not they are actually the voices of the dead, RF bleed-over or even inter-dimensional non-human entities. Where the voices that are recorded come from is another topic. This article is simply to discuss and define an unusual form of electronic voice phenomena that, at this time, has no known explanation. The two most common methods of capturing “spirit voices” are digital voice recorders and the spirit box.  However, EVP Transmutation has never occurred with anything I have recorded using a spirit box. Looking into the […]


EVP 101

I had been toying with the idea of posting something in regards to EVP’s when I was informed that my friend Michael had posted similar information on his site. Michael is a fantastic person and has been doing this a lot longer than I have. My intention is for this post to simply add to the valuable information Michael provided as well as giving a slightly different perspective from another researcher’s point of view. By combining both, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to capture some incredible EVP’s in the very near future. I guess I will start with something that I get asked a lot. “Should I do EVP sessions in my own home?” In my case I have no problem with this. A lot of people seem to think by doing an EVP session in their own home they are inviting spirits or ghosts into their space. […]

milky way

Spaceships and Ghosts

I never intended to get into UFO research but like many other things in my life it was sort of forced upon me. With still so much to learn about ghosts, the last thing I wanted to do was get involved in something even more complex. I always looked at UFO research as a very difficult task to be involved in. There are no haunted houses for ET’s or unidentified flying objects. You can’t go to a Pennhurst or a Waverly Hills and talk to aliens. To me it seemed UFO research was more about traveling all over at your own expense and interviewing other people who claim to have seen things in the sky. Once you interviewed them what did you have? Basically a story, which is what you had before you drove somewhere and interviewed a complete stranger. So in all honesty it simply didn’t interest me. Without […]


A Metaphysical Journey of Denial

For anyone that writes articles there eventually comes a time where you want to write about something but you have no idea what it is or where to even begin. A point where you just throw a bunch of shit at the wall and see what sticks. Unlike previous articles, this one has no preconceived path or logical beginning. It simply is what it is. In 1980 when I was 13, my grandfather passed away suddenly. I spent a lot of time with this man and at that age just assumed he’d always be around, at least for many years to come. Even when he went into the hospital I just assumed he’d be coming home soon. This was my first ever experience with death (aside from one of my neighbor friends whose mother was hit by a train) and all I remember was standing in front of his casket […]


Can Children See the Paranormal Better Than Adults?

The question of children being able to see the paranormal comes up frequently and it seems many people have an opinion on this subject. Unfortunately most of them are incorrect because they look for the quick, simple, easy answer instead of looking into the actual cause. One of the most common responses you will hear is that “Children see ghosts because they haven’t been told they don’t exist yet and a belief system hasn’t been put in place by their parents and society.” While this is partially true, the real answer lies in actual biology. Part of it is cultural as Western ideas on the existence of ghosts is still hundreds, if not thousands, of years behind other parts of the world. Acceptance in the presence of spirits in places such as Asia and other cultures that have been around far longer than the United States is much greater. As […]


Can Ghosts Hurt You? – Part II

None of my articles has received as much controversy as this one has. I feel I was pretty clear in regards to what I was saying but either that’s not the case or some people just refuse to believe that ghosts can’t hurt you. For every person that agrees with me it seems there are 10 that are just as convinced that a person can be harmed by a spirit. Let me reiterate that ghosts can not harm you without your consent. This consent can be as simple as believing or even thinking that they do have the power to cause harm. The key is knowing that they can not harm you in any way. You can’t think this or hope this, you must know this. Any power given to a spirit is given to them by you and your fears or doubts. What you must realize is that negative […]