Can Ghosts Hurt You? – Part II

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None of my articles has received as much controversy as this one has. I feel I was pretty clear in regards to what I was saying but either that’s not the case or some people just refuse to believe that ghosts can’t hurt you.

For every person that agrees with me it seems there are 10 that are just as convinced that a person can be harmed by a spirit. Let me reiterate that ghosts can not harm you without your consent. This consent can be as simple as believing or even thinking that they do have the power to cause harm.

The key is knowing that they can not harm you in any way. You can’t think this or hope this, you must know this. Any power given to a spirit is given to them by you and your fears or doubts. What you must realize is that negative spirits use parlor tricks in order to create fear. This fear is then used by them to create more fear and it becomes a cycle.

But a ghost can scratch me. Not if you know they can’t. I’ve had people standing next to me scratched many times while I was the one they were upset with. They went after others because they couldn’t get to me. I don’t know how much more clearly I can state that knowing they can’t harm you means they can’t. If anyone would have been pig-piled by negative spirits by now it would be me. Simply stating this should paint a giant target on my back but it doesn’t matter because I know they can’t do anything about it. It’s really that simple.

The more fear or emotional turmoil you give to a negative spirit, the more noise they can create. If you view this for what it is, you can find it amusing and call them out on it. Laughing at or calling a spirit out is like Kryptonite to them. Like any bully, they will look for easier prey.

Negative spirits will do whatever they think will cause you fear. I have seen them show themselves as 7 foot tall shadows, even blocking entire doorways. They are not 7 feet tall. They are simply projecting this image in order to scare a person. The last time I saw this happen I simply walked right through the shadow and told it that I wasn’t impressed. It threw a fit and left. You may have to stand up to them more than once but eventually they will leave.

The people who believe a spirit can harm them are actually harming themselves simply by thinking this. I can only do so much. I can explain to them this is nothing more than a parlor trick to instill fear in order to feed off this energy. The rest is up to the individual.

Others talk about the emotional harm as opposed to the physical harm. There is no difference between the two. Again, if you allow or believe a spirit can cause you emotional harm then I can’t help you. You can’t give them what they are seeking. It’s that simple. If you allow a spirit to cause you emotional harm, the only person to blame is yourself.

Everyone has the tools at their disposal to prevent both physical and emotional harm caused by negative energy. Whether or not you choose to give them what they need is entirely up to you. When I say a spirit cannot hurt you, I am stating that it’s all about a state of mind. If you are strong and see it for what it is then there’s nothing that can happen to cause you harm in any way. If you are weak and give them the fear or emotional chaos they desire, then you’re the one at fault.

Nobody needs sage and rocks and salt to attain victory over a spirit. Those are tools used to make you feel better, in control, and to give you a sense of power over the spirit. They are simply a substitute for the same (and far more powerful) sense of power that comes from within. You are simply placing that same inner belief into an inanimate object. All you have to do is know at your very core that they can do absolutely nothing to harm you and not only will you be safe, but think of the money you will save on plants and rocks.

Another thing about negative spirits is that they also can receive energy from placing certain labels on them. Calling one a demon is like giving them a booster shot of adrenaline. One must refrain from this at all costs. Negative spirits do this on purpose. They seek this label from you. They will do all they can in order to get you to label them as something far more than they actually are.

This information is intended for spirits, those that were once living, breathing people. There are others out there that were never human that are far more powerful than any spirit. That’s an entirely different topic. I have dealt with one of these and it still couldn’t cause me any physical harm because I knew it couldn’t and I stood up to it. It was however able to have a very negative effect on electronic equipment. This was not investigative equipment, this was every day items that simply stopped working until we came to an understanding at which time, weeks later, this equipment simply started working again.

The point is, it still couldn’t harm me because I knew it couldn’t so it went after inanimate items that I had no control over in an attempt to make my life more difficult. This is why the article is called can ghosts hurt you. Non-human entities are a different story, but the basic principles still stand.

On a side note: One thing people need to realize is that many of these non-human entities are not necessarily evil, they are simply predators doing what they were designed to do. It’s like calling a shark or a lion evil because it kills and eats cute baby seals and the graceful gazelle. That’s just what they do. The best way to avoid this type of situation is to simply refrain from creating an environment that attracts them to begin with. Any home with drug, alcohol, physical or emotional abuse can bring these negative energies to it. If your home is a calm space free of chaos and turmoil you will never encounter one of these entities to begin with. They migrate to where the food is.

Another thing to realize is that anger needs to be kept in check as well. It’s fine to get mad at a negative spirit but how you use that anger makes a difference. If you start screaming and cursing at the entity you are still feeding it because they feel off of chaos and turmoil the same as they do fear. The best course of action is to remain calm and level as this inner peace will cause the spirit far more harm than cursing at it ever could. If you get to the point where you need to vent your anger, do it internally.  Visualize this anger as a ball of energy in your chest and picture yourself firing this ball of energy at the spirit. I’ve done this and it works.

But can ghosts hurt you? Only if you allow them to and only with your assistance. And always remember, the energy of the living is far more powerful than the energy of the dead.