Below the Surface

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Neil deGrasseTyson

Thank you, I’m a rock star.

I may get crap for this because there’s so much love for this man out there but I quit being concerned about what others think long ago. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson in my opinion is not what he portrays himself to be. Or maybe he’s exactly what he portrays himself to be but most can’t see it. At this point he resembles more of a comedian than a scientist. He is a distraction spreading disinformation.

He has been chosen because he has “personality” which in our current times is vital to get the attention of the masses. Albert Einstein did not have much in the order of personality. Neither did Nikola Tesla or even Carl Sagan, whose voice could lull almost anyone to sleep. However these individuals knew what they were talking about and gained respect and admiration based solely on their contributions. They proved, created, discovered or invented what they knew in their minds to exist or be true. Do I agree with everything Dr. Sagan said or believed? Not even close. But he wasn’t about showmanship or celebrity. If he was he was pretty bad at it.

I recently watched the video below entitled: “”Neil Tyson talks about UFOs and the argument from ignorance”” and was saddened by what I heard coming from the mouth of this supposed expert. Not because of what he said but because of how he said it. There are a lot of people that brush aside the UFO topic but he does it in a way that is condescending but cloaked in entertainment. He talks a good game and he’s certainly got charisma. I can see why most people listening to him would be mesmerized by the external flair but fail to look any deeper. The sad part is knowing that in today’s society, many will see the product known as Neil deGrasse Tyson and not hear what he’s actually saying. They’re too lazy to do otherwise.

Dr. Tyson isn’t so much a debunker as he appears to be a non-believer. I believe him to possibly be a plant of the disinformation campaign, all wrapped up in a cute, charming and funny bow. He’s without a doubt an entertainer, but the most dangerous kind. He hides his real agenda behind this personality and “Gee he’s such a nice guy” routine. Granted, I don’t know Dr. Tyson and he may be the nicest person you could ever meet. I do believe however that’s he’s at the very least being used as a puppet. He’s also not the only one guilty of this but he’s the most visible and well known at this time so will be the focus of this article.

Most scientists aren’t celebrities. Nikola Tesla for example was so into his work he was a recluse, never married, never had children. He simply worked. Dr. Tyson was either chosen because of his charisma or it was always his agenda to become a celebrity. A scientist in his lab doesn’t accidentally stumble upon celebrity. I have noticed over time he has started adding humor to his speeches. This is why I see him now as nothing more than pure smoke and mirrors entertainment. If the people find him entertaining, that’s fine. But when you start organizing your beliefs based on what an entertainer says you should probably take a step back and view the whole for what it really is. Strip away what you see and listen to what he is actually saying.

He comes across as the every day average Joe that could even be living down the street from you. The nice funny guy we all like having around. The only difference being that he’s way smarter than you. And he probably is. But listen to the actual message he is delivering. UFO believers are nut cases. Respected individuals who had the courage to tell about a valid personal experience that they know took place are pushed aside and labeled. People who relate a personal experience should never be shunned or placed in a category or simply brushed off unless they’re an obvious crazy person.

He mentions several times how the brain is fallible and can be tricked and that people are stubborn. Yet he’s doing the same exact thing only from the opposite viewpoint. It’s much easier for people to laugh off something that frightens them due to a lack of spirituality and awareness than it is to accept the fact that we might not be the top of the intellectual and civilized food chain. That’s how the brain is fallible Dr. Tyson. If you were to come right out and state the truth your television program would be cancelled and your lecture circuit venues and audience would change drastically. Keep within these set guidelines and all will be well for you and your family.

Saying that what our ancestors have experienced and written down or passed down orally for tens of thousands of years is basically pure crap is a level of ignorance that I find insulting at best. Stating that if it can’t be proven scientifically then it’s not valid is small minded. 200 years ago the scientists of the time would have fallen to the ground laughing if told about the things that we know to be true or possible today. Manned space flight for instance. Just because our basic, primitive understanding of physics today can’t grasp what a civilization thousands or millions of years more advanced than ours are capable of doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And this doesn’t even get into advanced consciousness or frequency vibration which I’m certain they attained long ago and changes everything. Maybe your science isn’t evolved enough yet to detect or prove such things Dr. Tyson. Maybe your fancy lab tools are primitive crap when it comes to this topic.

Does Dr. Tyson know a lot about today’s known physics? Absolutely. That’s a large part of what makes his message to the masses work. However, notice he centers most of his arguments around requiring scientific proof of UFO existence. Even with the overt disinformation and outright cover-up campaign in place there are literally truckloads of this proof that he requires. Just because he’s busy making large amounts of cash doing speaking engagements and filming a television program shouldn’t mean he doesn’t have time to do a little research into the very subjects he chooses to lecture on. Hell I’m sure he has a team of lackeys that could do the dirty work for him.

There are clear, concise military documents (as well as trained personnel in charge of these silos) stating that craft hovered over our nuclear missile silos (in Montana for instance) and all missiles went inoperable. Even though the design of the system was such that this wasn’t possible. But according to Dr. Tyson this means nothing because there’s no scientific data behind it. Apparently a system going from ready to inert at the same time an unknown craft was hovering above them isn’t proof enough because it didn’t happen in a lab. His routine only goes as deep as to belittle the subject.

Odd he fails to mention Dr. J Allen Hynek (a scientist) who was a recruited and paid for by the government skeptic who turned into not only a believer in UFO’s, but one of the founders of the current UFOlogy movement. Dr. Hynek (a scientist) studied the subject for a living and didn’t have a lecture circuit and television program to distract him. Yet he himself (a scientist) concluded that UFO’s were without a doubt a very real phenomena. Even the US Air Force conducted years of research and admitted that a certain percentage of UFO sightings were unexplainable and quite possibly off-planet intelligently piloted craft. Individuals such as Ronald Reagan, General Douglas McArthur, Admiral Byrd, Colonel Philip Corso and others have all publicly stated the UFO phenomena is very real.

Dr. Tyson is always talking about discoveries. Scientific discoveries. Yet I was unable to find anything that he has discovered. Maybe he has but I can’t tell you what they are. He’s appears to be just a walking encyclopedia of science that has memorized many things and can relay them in a way that sounds like he knows more than the rest of us do. I have nothing against him personally, but his message is dangerous. He is book-wise but spiritually lacking and close-minded.

The words science and scientists have become shields for many to hide behind. Were he to take his message to say the Hopi or Navajo they would probably just feel badly for him. Some things simply cannot be measured by science. If that’s the crutch you stand on then you will never get the answers you seek.

The problem with science (and scientists like Dr. Tyson don’t want to hear this) is that once there is the sort of proof that they require, their services will immediately no longer be needed. If a craft lands in full view of the world we’re not going to need to turn to a scientist and ask them if this is real or not. We will be dealing with things so far beyond what any modern scientist can fathom that they will be absolutely useless. It would be like watching a world class athlete do something unbelievable and turning to a child and asking them to explain how such a feat was possible. The moment we get the proof these experts require they will no longer be relevant. No more lecture circuit for you Dr. Tyson.

The only real harm he is doing is in regards to the people that buy into his routine. However, if they are unable to see behind the mask then they are more than likely not supposed to. I doubt that he personally is a bad person, but it’s possible that his message in some cases is causing harm. Instead of people being awakened, he is a part of keeping them close-minded and ignorant. Obviously this is something that needs to be overcome as an individual. If something as transparent as a personality or a product can impact how a person sees the world then they probably aren’t meant to progress to the next level.

Some of Dr. Tyson’s arguments against the case for UFO’s

The choice of words needs to be looked at here. UFO’s obviously refers to things seen in the sky that are unidentified. His message however goes beyond that to what would be referred to by most as ET’s. You can’t focus on the UFO aspect because what he’s actually talking about is non-terrestrial intelligences. I personally don’t like to refer to them as ET’s because I see them more as our ancestors or the reason why we even exist at all.

  • First hand accounts aren’t valid to prove the existence of a flying saucer

Let’s hope Dr. Tyson never sees a UFO because according to his logic, his seeing it doesn’t make it real. I’ve never seen Pluto but I’m fairly certain it exists. All we have to go on are text books and supposed images. This is pretty much the same evidence we have for UFO’s unless you take into account the US military having in their possession craft and bodies and quite possibly living beings. Add to that the millions of eyewitness accounts throughout history and there’s a lot more evidence for UFO’s than there is that Pluto exists. He uses the Chinese Whispers analogy (and even uses a cute little 2nd grader) to prove his point but this is only valid if one person tells another person who tells another person and you eventually get the story from the 20th person. This has no bearing on the person that saw something telling you what they saw. He wants more than eyewitness testimony or even a photograph. OK, that leaves a craft landing in front of him or a living or dead body. So basically he wants something he can touch. He’s asking for something he basically knows he will never get in order to prove his point.

I believe there are three main reasons that a UFO doesn’t simply land in plain view and say here we are. One of these is that there is almost no doubt that they would be met with outright hostility and violence. Most likely not by the people but almost certainly by the military. Don’t hold your breath Dr. Tyson. The second reason is similar to the first one, we as a civilization simply aren’t ready for it. The religious nuts would shit their pants. The third is that they cannot interfere with the advancement of us as a civilization. Highly advanced cultures don’t land on a primitive planet and instruct the natives how to live. That’s something we would do.

  • I’m not saying we haven’t been visited. I’m saying the standard of evidence doesn’t exist

Yes, without saying it you are saying we haven’t been visited. This may be somewhat true if you just look on the surface but do any amount of diligent research and the evidence is that we (i.e. governments) have plenty of evidence. If every time Dr. Tyson found evidence of something people swooped into his lab, took the evidence then threatened him and made him out to look like a nut case, I’d like to see how much evidence he could produce. The fact that the US military alone has been caught in hundreds of lies regarding the subject is proof enough. If there’s nothing there then why lie about it?

Roswell. It’s a flying saucer, no it’s a weather balloon, no it’s high altitude dummies, blah blah blah. Notice that he never gets into history regarding this matter. He doesn’t talk about specific cases (other than the police officer bit I’ve never even heard of before and may be one he made up). It’s all just science. Even from when science didn’t exist he expects science for answers. Or maybe the ancients were all just bat-shit crazy.

  • At around the 9:30 mark of the video he really gets into his comedic role which is so full of holes it’s barely worth commenting on

So he’s on the alien sex slab and obviously in full control of the situation. His solution? To do the “Hey, look over there” trick and steal an ashtray from the craft. Brilliant. This is a well renown scientist we’re talking about here. He’s so much smarter than we are. He talks about the iPhone and how 10 years ago they would have invoked witch burning laws if you had pulled it out of your pocket. Is he drunk? Oddly enough that iPhone he uses as an example is almost without a doubt with us today due to reverse engineered alien technology or due to a swap of information with an advanced culture. Also notice the way he very subtly dismisses alien abductees. Many people that have been abducted are traumatized for life because of the experience. But it’s OK to use them as part of your schtick as long as it gets a few chuckles apparently.

  • UFO sightings are lower among amateur astronomers than they are among the general public

What percentage of the general public are amateur astronomers? 2%? 6%? So you’re telling me that say 4% of the general public report less UFO sightings than the other 96%? I see. Also these individuals would be looking at deep space or isolated parts of the sky thru a telescope and not seeing the whole sky. So if I just looked at Oregon the assumption would be that the United States gets x amount of rain annually. I’m starting to see your logic here Dr. Tyson. Not to mention many of the UFO videos on YouTube are actually filmed by amateur astronomers such as Crrow777. And this doesn’t even include the fact that the human eye is only capable of seeing 1% of the light spectrum. So obviously if there was a UFO out there you’d see it with your telescope.

  • Police officers and pilots aren’t better eyewitnesses in regards to UFO sightings

Are you shitting me? People who are trained observers, whose testimony in court can land a person in prison or are responsible for hundreds of lives a day aren’t reliable witnesses? Have you ever seen the cockpit of a jetliner? These individuals are trained observers who we rely upon with our very lives yet when they report something it’s no better than Dave down the street?

How can an officer drive on a road so winding that while he’s paying so much attention to an object that appears to be moving in the sky he miraculously stays on the road? Either you’re looking at the object in the sky or you’re watching the winding road you’re navigating. Then he writes it off as “He was tracking Venus” like it’s case closed. How do you know he was seeing Venus? Yet the people giggle at how silly this police officer was because he was following a planet.

Below he does the same routine almost verbatim even though in each he tries to make it appear that he’s coming up with this stuff on the spot. This is his material. It’s written down and it’s rehearsed. He adds acting into the mix just as a comedian does. Facial expressions, body language, all of it. Fake. If you’re going to write a routine at least attempt to plug the gaping holes.

  • If you want to get abducted, that’s the fun part

Did I just hear him correctly? And then comes the segue into the science shield once again. The lowest form of evidence in the court of science. Steal an ashtray from the ship, etc. Are you sensing a pattern yet? This is basically the exact same video, he’s just wearing a different suit. The same giant holes exist as those listed above and then some.

People simply need to wake up and look deeper than the surface regarding what is presented to them. Yes he’s flashy and likeable and charismatic but listen to what he’s really saying during his routine. Will they? That’s highly doubtful. The same people that line his pockets also religiously watch some of the most awful television programs ever thought up or actually believe what the news channels are feeding them instead of realizing that they are separating the people and getting them to bicker with each other as a distraction. Using labels as a way of separating the people is a parlor trick but it obviously works well.

Right, left, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative. They are all the same. There is no us and them amongst the people, only that which is fabricated as a distraction. If I can get you and your neighbor to argue over something stupid I can stand across the street and do pretty much anything I want and neither of you will even know I’m there.

Many people live in a bubble that extends at the most a few feet from themselves. Add to this that the people have been systematically dumbed down for years and Dr. Tyson is a perfect vessel to deliver a message of nonsense to the masses. The tactic of making the UFO topic laughable is decades old. Dr. Tyson is simply the latest cog in that wheel.