About Us

Our experience spans over fifty years all over the world and we operate with discretion using scientific methodologies for investigating purported paranormal activity, regardless of the type of paranormal phenomena being experienced.

Our research covers UFO sightings, Alien Abduction, psychic phenomena, and all claims, experiences, or any occurrences that are currently considered as unexplainable by the mainstream sciences. Our key methodology utilizes objective observation combined with innovative technology and experience in an attempt to understand, research and document purported activity, or the lack thereof. It’s all about understanding these anomalous phenomena and how it relates to mankind and ultimately, the human condition.

We don’t consider ourselves experts, but do consider ourselves to be well seasoned with many years of experience in objective discovery and working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and belief systems. Our field research includes developing and using technology concepts that take the use of electromagnetic field detection, electrostatic field monitoring, infrared and ultraviolet photography, ultra and sub-sonic audio recording, Tesla and Wimshurst implementation, videography, 3-D photography and a number of other advanced techniques to a higher level.

Both of us have had well established teams in the past from Portland to Connecticut, Australia to the Netherlands, and on four continents. Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the four-corners area of the United States just seemed to be a natural transition, as our attention had been peaked and our interest sparked by the many legends, as well as stories of UFO and other paranormal phenomena.

We are anxious to begin researching our new city, state, and region, including many UFO hotspots of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, and learn more about North American ancient civilizations from the Anasazi and other Native American cultures over the last three-thousand years. Their legends, their deities, their culture, and their connection to the planet and heavens.

So whether you’re interested in our research, or reporting your experiences, or just saying ‘hi,’ please drop us a line and let’s have a chat.

Jari Mikkola

Jari has been researching all over the world for well over 40 years and recently retired from his career at IBM as a Global Business Intelligence Architect and worked  many aerospace high-technology companies contracting with the U.S. and NATO. His most recent assignment having been in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he had been living for over eight years before returning to the United States.

Throughout his career of international travel, Jari leveraged his travel to actively research and investigate many events and locations all over the world for the last four decades. He had authored articles and published for various publications around the world during his long career. His latest venture now shares that vast knowledge of anything and everything anomalous with the public. When asked why he hadn’t yet written a book, his reply was simple, “I have several in fact, and they’re all FREE on the Internet, simply by browsing to my website “the Dimension Zone” and the DZ’s sister websites and blogs. Included within the section entitled The Paranormal, Jari shares his extensive experience on how to conduct and research an investigation of paranormal phenomenon properly known in a concept entitled, “In the Shadows Paranormal Project,” which can be accessed FREE within the Dimension Zone’s Paranormal pages.

Because of his many years of experience managing global business issues, simultaneous projects, and many people, he understands what it takes to do the right thing, because it was the right thing to do, and is what him.  He is not only a hard-worker, he loves what does, and truly believes that good is inherent in everyone. Some people just need some help finding it. “The truth is out there, and the evidence doesn’t lie when proper logic, research, documentation, and  collaboration have all been applied properly…otherwise the interpretation can!”

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Jari is a Member on the Board of Directors for World Nexus Publications & Productions, L.L.C.