A Light in the Sky

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This is such a complex and controversial topic that instead of being very structured, this article will be more about random theories and speculation on my part and may go off in several directions before it ends.

Just to get it out of the way, do I personally believe in UFO’s that are piloted (for lack of a better word) by biological entities that are far more advanced than our human civilization? Yes. I say this based on a couple of very simple principles. For one I personally have seen something in the air on four separate occasions that I personally do not believe was man-made in any way, shape or form. That’s speculation on my part but based on countless hours of going over (in my head as well as researching) every detail of what I witnessed.

Three of these I would describe as craft and the fourth I can only call a drone or probe. The three I saw in the sky were all similar (two in the daytime and one at night).

  • Two of these objects were a bright metallic silver with a bright white light in the center. I describe them as ball bearings with a headlight.
  • The object seen at night was a red ball of light.
  • The last object was seen no more than 6 or 8 feet off the ground.

I’ve already commented on these sightings in an article called A Metaphysical Journey of Denial so I won’t go into great detail regarding them but here’s an overview.

The first sighting was in daytime on a bright blue cloudless day. I was driving westbound and had a wide view of the sky when suddenly I saw the silver ball bearing with a headlight just floating there.  I watched it for probably 30 seconds and then it simply blinked out. I turned north and looked back where I had seen the object and saw (a second one or possibly the same one) the silver ball bearing with a headlight again further away and to the southwest only this time the headlight was bright red. It also blinked out.

A short time after I was again driving westbound but about 5 miles north of the previous location. I noticed a large high cloud with a perfectly flat top. I was thinking how this resembled a tabletop when I noticed the silver ball bearing with the headlight hovering right above the cloud. It also vanished after a short time.

Several months later I was again on the first road only this time it was night and I was eastbound. In front of me (much lower to the horizon than the previous two) was a bright red ball of light. As I turned north it appeared to track me and keep pace with my vehicle until it too simply blinked out and was gone.

The other sighting was much stranger. The drone (as I refer to it)  was in my backyard at approximately 4 AM, no more than 8 feet from my mother and myself as we stood there letting the dogs out. It was approximately 18″ in diameter and consisted of a brilliant blue light surrounded by a pink halo. It made no sound other than the branches of the tree in front of us it was apparently stuck in while trying to retreat from us. Once it freed itself from the branches, it shot straight back and was completely out of sight in less than a second.

The other reason I believe in UFO’s is basically mathematics, statistics and probability. We’ve all heard the numbers. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies. Our Milky Way galaxy alone has an estimated 400 billion stars. Multiply hundreds of billions of galaxies by 400 billion stars and you start to get an idea of the numbers we’re talking about. Now take that number of stars and add in total number of planets circling those stars and it starts to get silly.

In 110 years we’ve gone from the Wright brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk to stealth bombers, Predator drones and the F-22 Raptor. Imagine civilizations with 10,000 years on us, or a million.

In order to get a small idea of just how vast the universe is let’s look just at our own Milky Way galaxy. Remember, ours is just one of hundreds of billions of galaxies, and nowhere near the largest.

The speed of light is 186,411 miles per second (or 671,080,888 miles per hour). Traveling at that speed, it would take between 100,000 and 120,000 years to cross the Milky Way from one side to the other.

To get an idea of how fast the speed of light really is, you could circle the earth 7,486 times in one second. So space is really big.

One of the reasons given against ET’s and UFO’s visiting our planet is the virtual impossibility of interstellar travel and the time and propulsion systems required, even at the speed of light. This is a classic example of how naive we still are due to the still relatively young age of our civilization. Using the known laws of physics as they are understood today, they have an argument. The descriptions of what these craft are witnessed to do also defy all known laws of physics yet even commercial pilots, police officers and military personal are reporting the same things. Silent craft that accelerate from zero to thousands of miles per hour in an instant then make 90 degree turns or complete stops. The G-forces involved alone would liquefy a human being but again, that’s based on what we know today.

This doesn’t even take into consideration the possibility that these craft aren’t interstellar, but interdimensional. That’s a whole other article.

My belief is that they have been here for a very long time and don’t necessarily travel back and forth but instead are based in our oceans, the moon and in orbit around our planet. There is NASA video taken in earth orbit that is similar to looking into a petri dish under a microscope. There appears to be multiple objects buzzing about all over the place in every direction and angle imaginable at what seems to be ridiculous speeds. Some of these objects (such as the space shuttle tether video) have been estimated at over 2 miles in diameter.

There are multiple UFO accounts with outstanding witnesses (Japan Air Lines flight 1628, the Phoenix Lights, the 2006 Chicago O’Hare sighting, the Roswell crash of 1947, the April 2000 Illinois sightings, the Malmstrom AFB missile incident in March of 1967 and the Rendlesham Forest incident of 1980, just to name a few).

Flight 1628 was reported by Captain Kenju Terauchi, an ex-fighter pilot with more than 10,000 hours flight experience. The Phoenix Lights have thousands of witnesses all reporting the same thing. The O’Hare incident was reported by ground crews with years of airport experience. The 2000 Illinois sightings were confirmed by police officers in multiple jurisdictions and Rendlesham Forest as well as Malmstrom AFB was reported by trained military personnel responsible for our nuclear arsenal.

In a court of law, testimony by witnesses of this caliber would lead to a conviction in almost any criminal trial. Anyone with military, law enforcement or commercial pilot experience will tell you making such reports is the kiss of death as far as your career is concerned.

Our government always seems to come up with reasons for these sightings that border on the ridiculous. The O’Hare incident was a hole punch cloud. While a hole was punched in the clouds, this doesn’t explain the large craft witnesses reported seeing that punched said hole in the clouds. The Phoenix Lights were flares (which were dropped that night but unfortunately after the fact) and the Rendlesham Forest incident was a lighthouse.  Our trained military personnel in charge of nuclear missiles couldn’t differentiate between a lighthouse (which had always been there) and craft flying through the forest.

The bodies reported at the Roswell crash in 1947 were said to be test dummies from high altitude drops. Unfortunately the military didn’t start performing these tests until 1950.

One former government employee came forward not long ago and stated that the US Government has cataloged 57 known species of intelligent alien life forms. Although there is currently no way to validate this claim, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it turned out to be true if for no other reason than the mathematical statistics listed above. Actually that number seems ridiculously low to me.

So what is our government so afraid of? Before getting into that, there’s one thing that always confused me in regards to the denial by our government. At some point irrefutable evidence as to the existence of extraterrestrials will come to light. Whether it be a mass sighting on a scale that simply cannot be explained away or contact of the same variety. At that point our government is going to look really, really stupid.  Either they are so inept that with all the data available they still couldn’t put 2 and 2 together or they will simply have to admit they have been lying to the American public (and the world) for over 70 years.

This would open up a ‘so what else have you been lying to us about’ scenario and no matter which way you look at it, public trust and confidence in the government would become virtually non-existent nearly overnight. Why would our government be setting themselves up for a fall they could never recover from?

So back to why are they so afraid. My best guess is that those in charge are playing the odds and simply hoping that by the time an incident occurs that can’t be explained away, they will no longer be among the living and therefore simply won’t have to deal with the fallout. Another reason is that the lie has gone on far too long to change course now. They simply can’t come out at this point and say “You know what, you’re right. We were wrong for the past 70 years and in light of some new information that just became known to us, ET’s do exist. Our bad.”

Another reason stated is that a global economic, political, financial and religious collapse would take place if people knew the truth. Mass suicides would occur and everything put into place would simply cave in upon itself. The Phoenix Lights were witnessed by thousands of people and multiple sightings in places like Mexico and Brazil have been reported by tens if not hundreds of thousands of individuals. Phoenix, Mexico and Brazil still exist and nobody started jumping off buildings. What it really comes down to is power. Things would crumble if the truth ever came out. However, it wouldn’t be society that collapsed, it would be groups and governments in places of power that would collapse. That’s what they are truly afraid of.

Oil, fossil fuel corporations and energy conglomerates would no longer be worth their weight in paper. The elite would be no more powerful than you and I. Religion wouldn’t collapse as much as it would be refined and retooled. We could end up with more of a One World religion based in spirituality as opposed to multiple factions that can’t get along.

In recent years the Vatican has slowly been taking baby steps to position themselves so that when and if the truth comes out, they will be a frontrunner. If you pay close attention you will notice a lot of small steps being taken in that direction in many areas. Hollywood for example seems to be slowly conditioning us for this possibility as well.

I have always been a believer that we as humans are all star seeds. We come from the cosmos. Therefore there is nothing to fear from our ancestors should they decide to reveal themselves to us once and for all. The only real question is, are you ready for it?


On Sunday April 28th, 2013 I had another UFO experience in Clackamas, Oregon. The day was warm and clear with just a few scattered clouds. I was leaving my brothers somewhere around 4 PM and happened to look straight up above his house. I witnessed a silver metallic tube-shaped craft fly behind a cloud that was about the size of your fist if you held it straight out in front of you. I stared at the cloud hoping to see the object again when suddenly the entire cloud just disintegrated in a couple of seconds leaving nothing but blue sky. I have never seen a cloud simply disappear before and that alone was odd to witness. The one difference I got from this sighting that I did not get from any of the others was that whatever it was that I had just seen, it didn’t feel good.