Surveillance Systems

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FG Video Surveillance 16 Web Cam System

Our primary system, an I/O card is installed in our HP Desktop PC, supporting 1 to 11 cameras, with the use of any video capture device (DVR). Although it includes is software for Video Monitoring and Motion Detection System suitable for both home and business (making it a value at a small price). We have developed our own software for monitoring, freeze frame, and playback. This system allows us to watch over client ‘hot spots’ with relative ease from ‘Home Base.’

For unattended monitoring we also use an advanced image motion detection system to capture video to file of anything that moves in front of the camera. We can receive alarm notifications via our email, and directly to our cell phones or activate a sound alarm that can be heard nearly anywhere. We are also able to review the captured video files on our home PC’s remotely from anywhere in the world over the Internet. As well as scan multiple cameras at several locations locally or remotely.

The best part of this system is that it allows us to Remotely View Live Video and Audio of a client’s home or business from anywhere via the Internet, by any member of our team, at any time. We can even take remote control of any of the 16 surveillance cameras over the Internet, change video or alarm settings when required, check program variables and review vital capture statistics. Even restart the program with our protected remote password that logs users access to the system. This program truly fills an important need for the In the Shadows Paranormal Research team.

Sony Bravia Monitor/Television

Our 40″ Sony Bravia provides us exquisite detail as a monitor and playback. As a television it allows us to view all of our cameras live in HD quality without having to squint. As well as review footage from our any of the surveillance cameras in full HD zoom, including the associated video camcorders for more detail in the panel on the right.

XBR6 Series features: Full HD 1080p, Motionflow™ 120Hz, BRAVIA® Engine EX full digital processor, Live Color Creation™ technology, Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE), 24p True Cinema capable, x.v.Color™, piano gloss black finish with floating glass accent.

Advanced Security Surveillance Solutions

Our secondary system will work with most MS Windows operating systems including Vista 7. It uses a compatible USB port for a 4 Camera 60fps Mobile DVR system, which can operate in Full Color (day mode) or infra-red (night mode). This system provides our investigative team with an easy to install, and easy to use, DVR Portable System that allows any of our team’s laptop computers to become a fully functional 4 camera digital video recorder system. This is perfect for any team that can only afford a smaller system and already owns a laptop or desktop PC.

It is simple to plug into a USB available port (cable included), install the software (included with the DVR), and connect your cameras (all sold separately). That’s all there is to it and you’re done! No complicated “cards” to install and absolutely no tools required. The smaller 4 port DVR is even powered by the USB connection from the PC. So this system can be totally available entirely on battery, when no outside power source is available for the investigation. The USB-DVR has all the features found only on professional DVR’s like 30fps (overall) recording, high-resolution color MPEG4 recording and adjustable motion detection. And best of all, it’s capable of remote viewing though standard Internet browser. Included with this unit are 2 audio channel inputs for audio recording. For a fast, easy, and economical surveillance system for your team.

Motion detection recording allows easy recording only when activity is detected in front of the cameras. Allowing the need to view endless hours of redundant footage to find an incident. The motion detection has an adjustable grid and sensitivity selection for each camera to optimize our recording settings as well.

The USB-DVR is perfect for people who only have a laptop computer. Simply plug into a USB port (cable included), install the software (included), connect your cameras (sold separately), and you’re done! No complicated “cards” to install and absolutely no tools needed. It’s even powered by the USB connection. The USB-DVR has all the features found only on professional DVR’s like 60fps recording, high-resolution color MPEG4 or MJPEG recording and camera selective motion detection. And best of all, it’s capable of remote viewing though standard internet browser and PDA. For a fast, easy, and economical home or business security solution, the USB-DVR is the product of choice.

Portable Hard Drive

Don’t forget to get a portable USB drive for recording and transferring your data. These are readily available at Best Buy (USA), Media Markt (EU), and just about anywhere quality electronics are sold.