Infra-Red Surveillance Cameras

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550 Line 28 LED Vari-focal Infrared Outdoor Camera

We own two of these exceptional cameras. Exceptional quality camera, extremely durable. 24 volts AC or 12 volts DC operation. Easily adjust the lens mm and focus to your exact specific needs whether it be 5 inches or 100 ft distance. Carbonite Composite LEDS are the are the latest innovation for infrared illuminators. This type of LED last twice as long as the standard 850 nm style. View up to 100 feet in total darkness. No tools whatsoever are required to adjust focus or mm width. There are 2 weatherproof adjustable hand screws on the bottom of camera that will allow you to set the focus and distance to your exact requirements. And are ideal in cold weather, as well as indoor or outdoor use.

940nm 104 LED Color Camera

This is one of Desert Highlands favorite cameras and are some of the most extremely reliable cameras on the  market. Their smaller size makes them ideal for placement within a small room, almost undetectable in the darkness, and have become our workhorses and used on early every investigation surveillance cameras have been required. We highly recommend them and believe them to be one of the best cameras we’ve ever used.

The 940nm Infrared LED (light emitting diode) is virtually invisible to the naked eye at night or in the dark. This camera is considered a specialty camera. is ideal for theaters, sleep Clinics, store rooms, warehouses, nursing homes, and many other locations where you do not want the camera visible at all in the dark.

Full color in normal light, with a 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD automatically switching to B/W with infrared illumination in low light conditions. See up to 60 feet in total darkness. Power/video cord attached, AC adapter and mounting bracket included. 12 DC volt operation.

The 940nm LED does not output as much visible light as the 850nm. Thus more LEDs are required for equal lighting, The 850nm LED is the standard for outdoor infrared surveillance cameras. If this is what you are looking for then we recommend our 580 line high-resolution cameras.

Infrared Camera with Audio

Outdoor weatherproof cameras with audio are few and far between. This camera features 480 lines of high-resolution color with 20 infrared LEDs that automatically illuminate when the environment turns dark. It has a water, crush, and dust resistant glass coating. There is a very small hole at the base of camera exposing the microphone. The microphone is rated at approx. a 10-15 foot listening range.

Buyer Beware!

However, a word to the wise – we purchased this camera from eBay, and one of the cameras came in non-functioning. To date, we still have not gotten a replacement by the fly-by-night person that sold it to us. It was purchased for $129.00 to save some money. But with the service we have received from Advanced Security Products would have made it a better deal at $199.00. They stand behind their products and bend over backwards to make sure everything is right! The one we do have is also a great camera for warehouses, gymnasiums and store rooms as well has a crisp clean image.

BNC connection for audio and video. 100ft power, video, audio cable, mounting bracket and power supply included.


Don’t forget to get enough BNC connectors to connect up to your DVR cards and recording systems.

Plug & Play Cables We also have what is referred to as the 3-way 100′ foot Plug and Play cables. This allows us to have all power, audio recording, and video connections in our ‘Home Base’ area.

Power, video, and audio in all on one cable, 3-wire choices, and we have them wrapped on a spooler purchased from Lowes or any home improvement store. All of our hard-wired cameras are plug and play ready regardless whether it is an indoor or outdoor camera. One end is female and other end is male. Power supplies are female and cameras are male. It does not matter whether your camera is RCA or BNC, we supply necessary adapters. Makes installation a snap. Eliminates the need to run separate power cable or find power near the camera. Most individuals use these cables to add distance between the camera and recording device. These cables will allow you to have most hardwired cameras up to 150 feet away and plug directly into your TV or VCR. You do not need to have a power outlet near camera.

This cable runs power, video, and audio making it ideal for cameras with audio.

What else?

Other items you may need would include microphones, RCA jacks and connectors, and good power connectors. Also be sure you have some extra grounding adapters when the outlets are not grounded. Otherwise you won’t be able to use the available power sources.